"Skyborn, sweet Skyborn Here be lain in this human form Skyborn, you shall sing no more"

The Skyborn are creatures who fly through space, living among the above. When girl, a Skyborn girl, is pushed through a wormhole towards planet earth a tale of adventure is sure to unfold. With a tangle of memories and nightmares, revenge and belonging can she find out where she belongs


8. Skyline - Chapter Seven

Skylar was my only way out. I remembered that there was a city quite close by. I could get there within a few days. If only I had a map. There was a hiking track up the mountains nearby, me and Tye had ridden there once. There was a supply shack; they would probably have maps there.

I didn’t know what I’d do in the City, but it was a plan at least. I decided that Maia or Tye should not have any knowledge of my growing tattoo or dreams, or of my leaving. I also decided that I should leave by the end of the week; it was Wednesday today. That should give me four days.

There was a knock at my door.

“Hello” I said. The door opened and Tyrell came in.

“I’m going out on Nessus, I was wondering if you wanted to come with us?” He said sweetly.

“Oh that would be great” Maybe we would go up to the hiking track and I could make an excuse to go and get a map. He smiled.

I tacked up Skylar and Tye tacked up Nessus. We lead the horses to the road.

“Can we go up to the hiking track? I love the view.” I asked sweetly, trying not to be suspicious.

“Of course, I love it there too.” He replied, while mounting Nessus. I got on Skylar. He whinnied. So did Nessus.

“They like each other” Tye said, patting Nessus’ neck. I stroked Skylar. A part of me didn’t want to leave.

We trotted most of the way, taking in the view and enjoying the countryside. We made idle conversation. Then I saw the hiking shack. I tried to think of a reason I would need to go in there.

“I need to go to the toilet.” I said, it was the first idea that came to my mind, “Excuse me” I said, dismounting Skylar.

“I’ll stay here with the horses.” He said he had also dismounted as I handed the reins to Tye.

The shack was full of hiking supplies; from water bottles; to walking sticks. The shelves were piled high. I looked around for any maps. There was an old woman at the counter; her hair was grey and matted into plaits with ribbons and beads entwined into the mess.

“What are you looking for?” She said in a husky voice as our eyes met.

“Do you have any maps?” I asked, “That show the city on them” I added. She said nothing. She just turned around and went into a back room; which I hadn’t noticed before. She came back after a minute or so. She gestured me to come up to the counter.

“Here” She handed me an old looking map; it was worn on the edges slightly,

“No charge.” She said as I searched my pocket for change.

”I have no need for it any more, it’s the most detailed map I have. It’ll get you where you need to go” I reached out my arm, she tapped my wrist.

“I know what you are. I can see it in your eyes. Be careful in the city”. I took the map delicately and put it in my pocket, the pockets on the jeans I was wearing were very deep. Tyrell would not see the map.

“Thank you” I said, not questioning her knowledge of The Skyborn.

I walked outside to find Tyrell sitting on Nessus, Skylar trotted up to me, nuzzling under my chin.

“Why’d you let him go? What if he had ran away?” I asked, grasping Skylar’s reins.

“He tried to follow you. He pulled out of my grasp. But I called him back, and he hadn’t moved since.” Tye smiled. I stroked Skylar’s nose.

“Good boy” I whispered to Skylar.

I had done it. I had got the map. I had not much to do now. All that was left was to leave. That would be very hard; mentally. I made a plan, hoping I would stay by it.

At night, after Tye and Maia had gone to bed, I would sneak out to the stables, taking as many clothes and money and food with me as I could. Then I would tack up Skylar. Hoping that I hadn’t woken anyone up; I could leave easily. My only obstacle would be myself.

I decided that the longer I left it the harder it would be. I decided I would leave on Friday.

Today was Friday, I would leave tonight.

There were two quite large satchels in the back of the wardrobe. I filled one with clothes and the other with and a spare pair of shoes. I needed to get some money, and food.

I looked at the sparse wardrobe; the orange dress was still there. I couldn’t take it; I didn’t need it.

It was midday, I had missed breakfast, but nobody would be in the kitchen now.

I went downstairs, Maia and Tye were feeding the chickens, I could see them through the window, now was my chance. I knew where Maia kept the money. It was in a jar, underneath the sink. I took a twenty pound note, and a five pound note and some change. I closed the cupboard. I felt like a thief; I was a thief.

I looked out of the window; they were walking to the cowshed. I took a few rolls of bread and some ham. I picked up some tissues also; to wrap the food in.

I ran back upstairs and placed the stolen items in the satchel. I hid the satchels under my bed, until I needed them tonight.

I walked downstairs casually, just as Maia came in through the door.

“Good afternoon” I said.

“Hi Kaliska. Tye was going to go out on Nessus, he might want you to go with him.” Maia said.

“Oh that would be great.” I said. I would have one last ride.

We went to the river first, galloping all the way. With the gusty winds blowing through my golden hair. I could feel my eyes glowing. It almost felt like flying. Here I felt most at home. But nothing compared to the sky.


Even though I felt like I had wings again. I knew I didn’t.

And that is why I must leave. If the woman knew about Skyborn; then surely there were more. I must find them. I am not alone.

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