"Skyborn, sweet Skyborn Here be lain in this human form Skyborn, you shall sing no more"

The Skyborn are creatures who fly through space, living among the above. When girl, a Skyborn girl, is pushed through a wormhole towards planet earth a tale of adventure is sure to unfold. With a tangle of memories and nightmares, revenge and belonging can she find out where she belongs


10. Skyline - Chapter Nine

The streets were noisy and crowded, even at night. I walked along the path, leading Skylar along.

“Excuse me ma’am,” a man in a black cap and shiny badge said to me, in a stern tone. I said nothing just looked at him.

“You aren’t allowed horses in the city,” he said gesturing Skylar.

“Why ever not?” I asked.

“It’s the law ma’am,” he said, furrowing his brow.

“The streets are ever so busy,” he explained. “The horse will most definitely get spooked, and there is no room on the sidewalk for the creature, I’m sorry Ma’am,” He didn’t move until I spoke.

“I will be rid of him the sir.” I said. He pulled his cap down over the strands of blonde hair poking out from beneath. I turned to Skylar.

“C’mon boy” I said. The man turned and walked away. Retracing my steps; we reached the border of the city again.

“You’ve got to go.” I said leaning my face against his. He whinnied softly. I closed my eyes.

“Go home, to Tyrell and Maia. Go home to Cranberry and Nessus. Back to the stables. Back to where you came from.”

I pulled away from him. A tear fell down my face. I opened my eyes. I had grown so attached to the beast. Letting him go was difficult. I let g of his bridle and pushed him away from me. He hesitated.

“GO!” I shouted at him. I couldn’t bare him being here any longer. “GO!” I screamed at him. He turned. I slapped his rump and he bolted.

“Tell Tyrell I’m sorry.” I whispered, clutching the blanket I took from the saddle. “Tell them all I’m so sorry.”

I turned back and briskly walked away from my past. Towards my future. I hoped for the best.

I walked along the lonely, yet busy path. There were people everywhere I looked. But I felt so alone.

I decided that I could do no more than search for a place to stay tonight, and tomorrow I would begin my search for any other Skyborn in this City. I prayed that there was.

I walked onwards, I saw the occasional man lying n the ground, with a blanket. Some had dogs. Why were they outside in the cold? Didn’t they have a place to stay either? I let myself ponder about these people, but I daren’t stare; out of fear and curiosity. I walked on the opposite side of the road, passing groups of people shouting and dancing. Passing buildings with music blasting from inside. Girls clung onto men’s arms to stop themselves from falling over. Some fell over. I walked briskly past these scenes of madness. What were these people doing?

A woman walked towards me, she was mumbling something as she looked at the crowd in the same way I had done. I stopped her gently.

“Excuse me ma’am,” I spoke in the same way the man had to me.

“What is the matter dear?” she said, not fussed that I’d stopped her.

“What are these people doing?” I asked, gesturing the crowd on the other side of the road.

“They are drunk my love,” she said, laughing softly.

“I beg your pardon?” I asked.

“They are stupid, and that’s all you need to know my dear,” she said, smiling, the skin next to her eyes crinkled. I smiled back sweetly. I then wondered if this kind woman would let me stay the night.

“Is there something wrong?” she asked.

“Erm...” I hesitated, “I have no place to sleep tonight,” I said, hoping she was as kind as she seemed to be.

“I’ll lend you a room for the night, come with me my dear,” She said her smile widened, almost so it touched her ears. I smiled too.

Her house was not as pretty as Maia and Tyrell’s, but theirs was a farm house after all. I learnt that the woman’s name was Cordelia; she had grey hair and bright blue eyes. She lived in what she called a block of flats; the building had many houses in it, one on top of the other. It was very tall and Cordelia’s house was right on the top. She told me that she loved looking at the stars. I had laughed inside of my head. If only she knew.

She showed me around the house and then she showed me a spare room which she let me sleep in. It was small and plain, with a singular window, with thin white curtains, opposite it was a bed. The bed itself was rather comfortable. I lay in the bed, staring at the ceiling. My mind whizzed. I was scared of sleep. I was scared of the images that haunted me when I closed my eyes.

I couldn’t sleep. I wouldn’t sleep.

I sat up, and looked at the small window. I threw the covers off and walked over to it. I leant my elbows on the window sill. Aris was right. It was amazing. The city glowed beautifully. The Liakorth above shone down like diamonds. The earth’s moon sat among them. I would never get used to it here. But I would enjoy it.

I went back to bed after a while. I lay there and gave in to sleep eventually.

I woke up and the sun blazed on my skin. It created a beautiful golden colour to the room. I got up, shading my eyes from the intense light. The sun was rising. It was amazing. I sat there in awe for a moment. Then I went to the bathroom.

I checked the tattoo on my back. The wings were nearly complete; just the largest feathers remained. They would be finished by tomorrow. I switched the tap on to wash my face, hopefully to wash my worries away too.

I cupped my hands under the tap. I let the water run through my fingers. There on my wrists, were new tattoos. A feather, a simple feather on each one. I splashed the water on my face. I don’t know how I’m going to cope if I don’t find another Skyborn soon.

I got dressed in fresh clothes and when I came out of my room Cordelia was in the kitchen.

“I made you breakfast,” She passed me a bowl of flakes and milk. I looked up at her.

“Its cereal,” she said; astonished.

I ate it and explained that I needed to leave. I got my stuff and left.

I was going to miss Cordelia.

But I did not regret leaving her.

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