"Skyborn, sweet Skyborn Here be lain in this human form Skyborn, you shall sing no more"

The Skyborn are creatures who fly through space, living among the above. When girl, a Skyborn girl, is pushed through a wormhole towards planet earth a tale of adventure is sure to unfold. With a tangle of memories and nightmares, revenge and belonging can she find out where she belongs


5. Skyline - Chapter Four

Maia had put what looked like toast, except it wasn’t warm, or crunchy, on top of one another. With something thin and pink in between. I picked up the corner of the top piece of soft toast, peering beneath it.

“It’s ham.” Maia said.

“Pardon?” I said, thoroughly confused.

“In the sandwich.” She said, “Its ham.”

“Oh.” I was still confused, it must’ve shown.

“Ham is meat; from a pig.” Tyrell said, talking to me like I was a half-ling. I knew what a pig was, it was an animal there were animals that looked like pigs on planet Astraeus. Aris told me so.

“That is a sandwich; two pieces of bread on either side of the ham.” He said. Then he bit into his sandwich, looking away. So did I. Tyrell was getting on my nerves.

After lunch I went back to the spare room, or my room as it was now allocated. I didn’t know what to do; here on the lite planet. How did humans go about their everyday lives? Out among the Liakorth you don’t live; you survive. You hunt, you fly, you eat, and you die. Is it the same here on earth? I thought about this for a while, lying on the soft quilt. Then I thought of my mother, Aris told me stories of her. How she had beautiful amber wings, like a butterfly’s, outlined in black. Aris drew pictures of her wings all over the inside of  our Liakorth cave walls. She drew me, and my mother standing together. She drew me often, my wings. Aris loved the fell of the silky violet feathers between her fingers. Aris loved to fly with me, we flew everywhere together. Except that once, when she went off hunting, for the last time. She always took me with her, showed me how to use my wings, to camouflage myself, how to use my speed and accuracy to catch animals. She taught me everything I know.

I continued to think about Aris, about how she looked and talked on the day she left me. Her eyes were full of tears and her hands were shaking as she stroked my face and wings one last time, like... Like she knew... That she knew it would be our last time together. I fell asleep crying.

Nobody woke me for dinner. Either Maia or Tyrell must’ve let me sleep. I woke in the morning and the sun beamed into the pretty room again. There were clean clothes in the closet in my room. I had slept in all of the ones Maia gave me yesterday so I picked out an outfit from the variety in the wardrobe.

There were flowery dresses and frilly skirts, dark blue trousers that had a rough feel to them, a small piece of cloth on the inside said that they were jeans, and there were light blue jeans and jeans that turned into a top, short jeans, really short jeans, jean skirts, really short jean skirts. There were more tops like the blue one in an array of colours and hooded jumpers, with writing on them that would imply I went to California university, or that  was on their surf team. Jumpers made of wool, without hoods. Baggy tops that had bold writing that said NYC or YOLO, whatever that meant. I ran my fingers along the jumpers and shirts and down the soft silk of a strapless orange dress. I pulled it out of the closet and saw that the edge of the layered skirt was black; I held it up against me in front of the mirror. It was very pretty, it reminded me of home. Of Aris and her drawings. It reminded me of how I’d never see the cave paintings ever again.

I put the dress back. I noticed then, the array of shoes line up at the bottom of the wardrobe. Aris used to come back with shoes, pretty high-heeled shoes with ribbons. There were little beige lace ups and sandals that looked like the ones Aris and I made. There were red shoes with white toes and the same in blue and pink and yellow. Also plain flat shoes, with a string tied in a bow, which were skin colour and there were others in pink and black. Shoes that would go up to my knee, they had dry mud on the underneath and there were two pairs, one in brown and one in black. There were shiny high heels, some decorated with jewels, some without. Some without toes some made of lace.

In the end I chose a dark pair of jeans and a top, which fell off my shoulder when I put it on. I put on the pink flat shoes.

I went downstairs. Maia smiled at me, from where she was standing by a pan, above a flame. The room smelt wonderful.

“I’m cooking bacon and egg for breakfast,” she said cheerfully, “Did you sleep well?” She made idle conversation. I nodded.

“Do you feel better?” She asked.

“Yeah, thanks.” I looked at my bare arms and shoulders, the bruises had gone. “A lot better”

“Oh good.” She smiled cheerfully. “You look lovely in Cynthia’s clothes.” She looked as if she was about to cry.

“Pardon?”  I asked, not wanting to upset her. She brought the bacon and egg over and put some bacon and an egg on my plate. Then on her own.

“Tyrell used to have a sister.” She sat down, wiping her eye. “She looked like you, she passed away last year, and he hasn’t been the same since.” She said, her arms crossed, leaning her elbows on the table.

“I’m so sorry” I said, I knew that passed away meant that his sister had died, and if I looked like her then he must’ve got really spooked seeing me lying in their field, nearly dead.

“He hasn’t said a word to me since you arrived” Maia mumbled.

I said nothing; I just ate the bacon and egg on my plate.

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