Paint Me A World Of Color

I pull on a pair of gray jeans, a dark gray t-shirt, and a couple of gray bracelets that Ana set out for me. It’s not that I can’t pick out my own clothes (technically) or that I only wear white, black, and various shades of gray. It’s not that everything is truly these colors. It’s just that when I pick out my clothes, they end up jumbled in an awkward mix of color, blacks and blues and oranges and purples and browns… all in one incredible mess of an outfit. It may look fine in black and white, but in the world of color… let’s just say it doesn’t quite work out. I wear clothes of color, at least, Ana says so. It’s just that, in a world like mine, if you could see it through my eyes, you would understand it all. In my world, there’s no beautiful cyan, no mystical peach. Through my eyes, its all black, and white, and the shades in between. My eyes, my world, my life… is not a life of color. Oh what it would be like, to live in a world like yours. In a world, a world of color.


2. Only Now Do I Realize

"Oh my gosh, Katie, I'm so sorry!" I exclaim, standing up and racing out the door. "And thanks!" I yell over my shoulder as I shoot through the hallway at lightning speed. I spin around the corner, and I'm knocked to the ground. I look up, and see...

A boy. A simple, normal boy. Shaggy blond hair that brushed over his eyebrows and almost reached his sparkling eyes, ocean blue orbs of color. Long, dark eyelashes stood out against his honey-toned skin. Slightly toned muscles showed from under a white t-shirt with a navy blue eagle's wings spreading out across his chest and stomach. He sported dark blue jeans, ripped to fringe across his knees and lower legs, and his feet were adorned by white and navy skate shoes, the dark laces loosely tied.

"Sorry." He and I mumbled in unison. A giggle escaped my lips, and his mouth curved into a small grin, revealing two perfectly straight rows of teeth, sparkling white. He reached out his hand to me, to help me up, and I take it. Only then do I notice, and when I do, I can't believe my eyes.



I can see this boy in color.

A/N: Tee hee hee :D This chappy made me so happy! Haha, it rhymes! So, stuff is getting serious!! One comment for next chapter, I'm so excited!
Xx Jenna xX

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