Paint Me A World Of Color

I pull on a pair of gray jeans, a dark gray t-shirt, and a couple of gray bracelets that Ana set out for me. It’s not that I can’t pick out my own clothes (technically) or that I only wear white, black, and various shades of gray. It’s not that everything is truly these colors. It’s just that when I pick out my clothes, they end up jumbled in an awkward mix of color, blacks and blues and oranges and purples and browns… all in one incredible mess of an outfit. It may look fine in black and white, but in the world of color… let’s just say it doesn’t quite work out. I wear clothes of color, at least, Ana says so. It’s just that, in a world like mine, if you could see it through my eyes, you would understand it all. In my world, there’s no beautiful cyan, no mystical peach. Through my eyes, its all black, and white, and the shades in between. My eyes, my world, my life… is not a life of color. Oh what it would be like, to live in a world like yours. In a world, a world of color.


3. Is This A Dream?

I can see this boy in color.

I'm amazed as I take his hand, and he helps me up gently, delicately. My eyes are glued to our touching hands, and the contrast is terrifying. His hand is a creamy tan color, but mine remains a ghostly gray. I blink twice and look again. I pull my hand away, rub my eyes, and then look at him again. He's still in color. I bite my lip, and wince at the pain, but I don't wake up. I pinch my arm and let out a small yelp.

"Are you ok?" He asks, concern and confusion gracing his voice.

"I'm not sure...." I mumble, staring at the floor. "I'm Austin Fox." I say quickly, breaking out of my trance.

"I'm Chance Harper." He replies with a grin tugging at his rose tinted lips.

"It's very nice to meet you, Chance." I say, smiling.

"Same to you, Austin." He says, letting his charming smile take over his lips.

"So, are you new here?" I ask, captivated by his shining blue eyes.

"Nah, I just tend to fade into the background." He says, quieter than before.

"You definitely stand out to me." I mumble.

"Huh?" He murmurs, confusion evident in his expression as he scrunches up his nose and cocks his head slightly.

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you." I say, laughing a little.

"Well, maybe some other time, then." He says, more as a question than a statement.

"Yeah." I reply. "Some other time..."

"Well," He says, sighing softly. "We should probably head to class, what class are you in?"

"I'm a freshman, I have biology with Mr. Redman."

"Oh, I have English with Mrs. Sanders." He murmurs, disappointment obvious in his sentence. "I guess I'll see you around then."

"Yeah," I say, absentmindedly. "See you around."

He turns, and walks to Mrs. Sanders' classroom. I watch his back as he disappears behind the door. And then I stand there staring at the door. The tardy bell rings, and the teachers all close the doors to their classrooms. But still, all I can think about is one thing.

Chase Harper is a senior.


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