Paint Me A World Of Color

I pull on a pair of gray jeans, a dark gray t-shirt, and a couple of gray bracelets that Ana set out for me. It’s not that I can’t pick out my own clothes (technically) or that I only wear white, black, and various shades of gray. It’s not that everything is truly these colors. It’s just that when I pick out my clothes, they end up jumbled in an awkward mix of color, blacks and blues and oranges and purples and browns… all in one incredible mess of an outfit. It may look fine in black and white, but in the world of color… let’s just say it doesn’t quite work out. I wear clothes of color, at least, Ana says so. It’s just that, in a world like mine, if you could see it through my eyes, you would understand it all. In my world, there’s no beautiful cyan, no mystical peach. Through my eyes, its all black, and white, and the shades in between. My eyes, my world, my life… is not a life of color. Oh what it would be like, to live in a world like yours. In a world, a world of color.


6. I Think So///I Just Don't Get It

Austin’s POV:

“Oh my gosh, Ana GUESS WHAT?!” I exclaim, jumping up and down and squealing.

“Umm, I have no clue,” She murmurs.

I giggle, which causes her to roll her eyes, before I say, “Ok, ok, don’t guess then. I HAVE A SECRET ADMIRER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I squeal again, and she momentarily winces, before she realizes what I just said.

She gasps. “Oh my gosh, do you think it’s Chance?!” Yeah, I told her about Chance. She thought I was just imagining the color part, but she thinks that it’s all super cute.

“I think so!” I say excitedly, and then she grabs my arms, and I grab hers, and we jump in rhythm, squealing and being crazy.


Chance’s POV:
I just don’t get it. Austin hasn’t talked to me since we ran in to each other. Earlier today, I heard her telling Ana about a secret admirer. WHAT?! She totally ignores me, but before, she was saying how nobody notices her… And within weeks she has a secret admirer? This is all so confusing and frustrating. For once, someone notices me, and seems to care, and then forgets me within a day? Makes me want to cry.  Like I said before, I just don’t get it.


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