Luck of the Irish

Emily is a fan of One Direction. She's not a die hard fan with posters covering her walls and she doesn't know every detail of their lives, but she is a fan of them. In the past she has never had luck in contests, that's her mother who always wins. But win a contest to have One Direction come and live at your house for a week comes up, she wants to win. She enters the contest and well... read to find out!


10. Shopping and karaoke

I walked downstairs after my cold shower. It was a hot day and even with the AC all the way on, I was still hot. The boys were out by the pool having a water gun war. I walked out and they stopped.

"What do you want to do today?" I asked as Niall came up and kissed me on the cheek.

"Well we've been here in this house for a few days now," Harry said. "Can we go out and do something?" he asked.

"Harry, Paul said we can't go out in public all together," Liam said.

"But Niall got to go out," Harry pouted.

"Cause he wasn't with us, he was on a date," Zayn said. "How bout when we go out we just have disguises or something," he said.

"We already do that, Paul said no," Liam said.

"But we've been here for ever!" Louis said. "We have to go out Liam!" he said as he grabbed onto Liam's arm.

"Fine," Liam said as he pulled his arm away from Louis. "But Em gets the final say," he said as he looked at me. 

"I don't see why you can't go out. Just wear something the fans wouldn't except you to wear," I said. The boys cheered and ran upstairs to change clothes.

A few minutes later they came running down the stairs all ready to go. I locked my door as we walked out and then started our walk to downtown. It wasn't a very far walk. Only about 10 minutes. That was a plus to living where I was in Virginia beach. The beach was a few feet away and then town was a short walk. And good thing too, cause I still didn't have a car.

The first shop we went into was Vans. I found a new pair of sneakers and a tank top and the boys got some hoodie's, shoes, and pants. We continued shopping for a few hours and then decided around lunch time we would go back and drop our bags off and then go get lunch. We set our bags on the inside of my garage and then walked back to town.

We found a little pub called Keagans and we ate there. It wasn't busy at all. A few people sat at the bar and a older couple sat in a booth in the corner. The boys and I picked a long table in the middle and we ordered our food. After we finished eating we noticed a karaoke machine up on the little stage. The waitress gave us our check and we asked her if we could go up and sing. Louis and Harry jumped up right away and picked a song and started singing. Niall tapped my shoulder and I turned to look at him.

"Wanna sing a song with me?" he asked.

"I would love to but I can't sing," I said. Niall only smiled.

"I'm sure you can sing, just one song?" he asked again. I agreed and when Harry and Louis were done, Niall and I got up there. We chose Just Give Me A Reason by Pink and we started to sing.

I really couldn't sing, and next to Niall I'm sure I sounded even worse than I was. Once the song was over I quickly jumped off the stage and went back to my seat and took a sip of my Dr Pepper. Niall came and sat down next to me and smiled at me.

"You were amazing," he said. "I thought you said you couldn't sing?"

"I can't," I said.

"Well I thought you were brilliant," he said as he kissed my cheek again.

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