Luck of the Irish

Emily is a fan of One Direction. She's not a die hard fan with posters covering her walls and she doesn't know every detail of their lives, but she is a fan of them. In the past she has never had luck in contests, that's her mother who always wins. But win a contest to have One Direction come and live at your house for a week comes up, she wants to win. She enters the contest and well... read to find out!


4. Hot

I woke to the sound of pots banging downstairs, causing me to jump out of bed. Then I realized it was probably just the boys looking for food. I walked into my bathroom and ran a brush through my hair and then walked down the stairs. I was immediately hit with the smell of bacon. I walked into the kitchen and sat down on one of the bar stools.

"Good morning Em," Niall said as he picked some bacon up and set it on a plate.

"Hey Niall," I said as I yawned.

"Hope you don't mind I made breakfast," he said.

"No I don't, I said to make your selves at home," I said. "Where are the others?" I asked.

"Louis pushed Harry into the pool, and Liam is trying to wake Zayn up," he said. I laughed. "But they should be here soon and we can eat," he said. I nodded. Just then the back door flew open and a wet Harry and Louis came walking in. They were laughing.

"Good morning boys," I said.

"G'morning Em," they both said.

"We're gonna get changed," Louis said as they walked upstairs to their room.

A few minutes later four boys came bounding down the stairs. Harry and Louis were wrestling and Liam was trying break them up.

"Hey guys! Lets eat! I'm starving!" Niall shouted above the noise. Harry and Louis stopped fighting and came to sit down at the table. I passed out plates and Zayn helped me pass out silverware and cups. Then we sat down to eat.

*A hour later*

Niall and I stood in the kitchen cleaning dirty dishes and pots. They others were all upstairs getting showers. Niall and I had already gotten ours. Niall was wearing some shorts and his 'Crazy Mofos' shirt. I absolutely loved it. After we were done with dishes we went out on the back porch. 

"So tell me about yourself," Niall said as we sat down.

"Well what do you want to know?" I asked.

"Favorite color," he said and we burst out laughing.

"Purple and red," I said.

"Play any instruments?" he asked.

"I used to play piano when I was younger," I said.

"And what about those guitars downstairs?" he asked.

"I thought I might teach myself how to play them, but I never did," I said.

"Well I can teach you sometime," he said. I smiled and nodded. I felt hot, and not because the sun was starting to warm up.

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