Luck of the Irish

Emily is a fan of One Direction. She's not a die hard fan with posters covering her walls and she doesn't know every detail of their lives, but she is a fan of them. In the past she has never had luck in contests, that's her mother who always wins. But win a contest to have One Direction come and live at your house for a week comes up, she wants to win. She enters the contest and well... read to find out!


5. Breaking the door

Between my bedroom and the boys bedrooms there is a staircase that leads to a door. I know what is behind that door, but that door has never opened since I moved in. It's bolted shut, and I don't think has ever been opened.

I sat down on the couch next to Niall. The rest of the boys came running downstairs ready for the day. I smiled at them, thinking how lucky I was.

"Hey Em, whats behind that door upstairs?" Harry asked as he sat down.

"Yea, we tried to open it but I was stuck or something," Zayn said.

"That's the tower. I've never been able to open that door," I explained.

"A tower?" Louis asked. "That's so cool!" I laughed at his enthusiasm.

"Yea it is. It's always been my dream to have a tower in my house," I said.

"Well why don't we all go up and try to open it?" Liam suggested.

"Alright!" the other boys yelled. Niall jumped up and pulled me up off the couch. I smiled at him. I didn't want to admit it, but I really liked Niall. I liked all the boys, but I had a soft spot for Niall.

"Lets go up and watch," he said as he grabbed my hand and we walked up the stairs. When we got to the top of the stairs, the boys were throwing themselves at the door. Hitting it hard with their shoulders. I could hear the wood splintering, but it wouldn't open.

"Be careful guys," I said. "I don't want your fans to hate me if you get hurt."

I heard Louis laughed right before he slammed hard against the door, and the door fell in. Louis lay on top the broken door. He looked shocked but then started laughing. The boys moved to the sides so I could go into the tower and see, It was amazing. It was a round room, with floor to ceiling windows. Broken wood lay all over the floor and dust ran around like it had never moved before. But I now had my tower.

"Oh this is wonderful!" I said as I clapped my hands. "Thank you so much!" I said as I gave all the boys a hug. "I can't wait to clean this place up," I said.

"Well I say to celebrate, we go to the beach," Harry suggested. Everyone nodded and ran down to their rooms to get changed.

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