Luck of the Irish

Emily is a fan of One Direction. She's not a die hard fan with posters covering her walls and she doesn't know every detail of their lives, but she is a fan of them. In the past she has never had luck in contests, that's her mother who always wins. But win a contest to have One Direction come and live at your house for a week comes up, she wants to win. She enters the contest and well... read to find out!


8. Best night

I licked the ice cream off the tip of my nose where Niall had placed it. He laughed as I struggled to lick it off and finally he leaned over and kissed my nose. He licked his lips as he pulled away.

"Never knew a nose could taste so good," we both started to laugh. Niall had been laughed almost the entire day, it was contagious. I smiled as he licked his ice cream cone. "So what do you want to do next?" he asked.

"How about those bikes you wanted to try. The shop is right around the corner," I said. He nodded and we finished up our ice cream and left.

We walked down the boardwalk hand in hand. Lots of people looked at us, but no one recognized Niall in his hat and sunglasses. We turned the corner and saw a bike shop. There were a bunch of bikes, but Niall wanted to ride the two seat one that was like an old car or something. The man came out and helped us and we rented the bike and rode off down the board walk.

The bike wasn't like riding a regular bike. The pedals had to be moving at the same pace or the bike wouldn't go, and it needed both people peddling. Niall and I struggled to get moving at first, but we soon got the hang of it. Niall was in the drivers position and he had one hand on the wheel and the other hand he used to hold my hand.

An hour later we returned the bike and decided to see the King Neptune statue. We had passed it while we were riding the bike and it seemed cool. We made our way through the crowd and we had an old man take a picture of me and Niall with the statue. We walked along the beach and around 5:30 we decided to go eat. Niall had heard about a restaurant called The Rock Fish and so we decided to eat there.

The restaurant was painted a deep red color and on the walls hung things from the Beatles. Even the music they played was the Beatles. Niall and I both ordered the fish tacos, Niall ordered a water and a beer and I ordered a Diet Coke. We sat talking and laughing until our food arrived and then we quickly ate. Niall wanted desert so he ordered a chocolate cake which he let me have a few bites from.

Afterwards we walked back out onto the beach and sat down on some empty chairs. Families were starting to go home with their tired kids. Niall and I sat looking out over the changing ocean. It was a dark orange color and it looked so magnificent. I had seen the sunset on the beach before, but just being here with Niall just made it seem even more perfect. Niall rubbed a finger on my hand and once it was dark we decided that we better get home.

"Let hope the boys didn't destroy my house," I joked as we walked along the beach with our shoes in our hands. Niall laughed.

"They wouldn't do that, we just tend to mess up the occasional hotel room," he said. I laughed. I had heard about that. "I just hope you had a good time," he said as we found the car. I smiled as he opened the door for me. I turned around, not getting in, and smiled up at him.

"I had the best night of my life," I said. He smiled as he leaned down and kissed me.

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