It couldn't be love, could it?

Simon loved sex. Every Friday night he'd go out to the club and pick up a girl. Then, he'd ask them to leave the next morning. That was what he liked to do.

Hannah was a workaholic who had no social life due to her work. She couldn't even remember the last time she went out on a date.

But when Hannah's law firm runs out of money she desperately needs a job and remembering her love for teaching, is hired at the local primary school where Simon works.


2. Work, work, work


Ugh let's face it, I was never going to get all these files in the right order tonight. I glanced at my watch. 00:30. I had to be up in five hours, maybe I should just do an all nighter again and get all my work for the weekend over and done with? Although I'd probably get more tomorrow when I went in for a couple of hours. People always seem surprised when I say I work on Saturdays as well as all week days and on the phone to the law firm most of Sunday. They don't know how stressful my job is.
      I haven't dated in about two years and the last time I had sex? Can't even remember. But I don't care about that, my career is far more important than a few minutes of pleasure. Thinking about it now is actually making me get quite heated.. I bought a pink vibrator a couple of months ago, I should put it to use..
    No, Hannah. You need to work I reminded myself. I worked at one of the biggest law firm's in London as a £300 an hour lawyer. If I got distracted for even ten seconds I'd be making up for it with an hour's worth of extra work. I had to reach the top of the ladder in my career.
     It's weird because I'd never wanted to be a lawyer. I'd always wanted to be a teacher. But my parents wanted this career for me so I'd just gone with it, I don't mind of course. I'd like a night off now and again but it's cool.

'Morning Miss Leathe, there's an urgent meeting in board room five which will be held in ten minutes'. Stacey the receptionist informed me whilst handing me my morning coffee and messages. 'Thanks, Stacey.' I entered the elevator and made my way up to the eighth floor. I loved walking along the long corridors, someone in my position, standing taller than everyone else. 'John. Greg. Lucy. Mark. David.' I nodded at my colleagues and walked into my office, closing the door behind me. 
       I drank my coffee and glanced at my messages. I didn't have time to answer them before the conference meeting, they'd have to wait. I walked swiftly in my 4 inch heels to the board room and entered smiling at the big bosses. 'Miss Leathe. Thank you for joining us, please take a seat.' I took my place in the seat opposite Gary Luman, the big man at Luman firm. The door was shut and the assistants left which was odd. 
    Gary's expression remained changed as he looked around the room at the lawyers sat before him. 'Most of you will know that Max Carter sued us for wrongful evidence disclosure six months ago.' A few murmurs passed around the room. 'Well, he got what he wanted, he got everything. We lost 500 million pounds. All we had invested in the company. It's.. It's all gone. We have no funding, nothing. The company is dead. I'm sorry. We can't go on anymore.' The room fell silent as everyone stared at him looking shocked. The company was over? We'd all been fired. This was front page news. People were going to lose their jobs and much needed money.
      So why did I feel happy?

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