It couldn't be love, could it?

Simon loved sex. Every Friday night he'd go out to the club and pick up a girl. Then, he'd ask them to leave the next morning. That was what he liked to do.

Hannah was a workaholic who had no social life due to her work. She couldn't even remember the last time she went out on a date.

But when Hannah's law firm runs out of money she desperately needs a job and remembering her love for teaching, is hired at the local primary school where Simon works.


1. One night stand


'How about we get out of here?' The girl said with a sparkle in her eye. I admit she was extremely beautiful with her naturally tanned skin, long dark hair and great cheek bones. What was her name again? Niamh? Naomi? Something with an N... Oh right, Natasha. 'Sure' I replied, grinning at her. 'I'll get our coats then call us a cab'. I headed towards the exit of the club where the coat checker girl was waiting looking a little bored. I had worked hard all week long and looked forward to my nights out at this clubs on a weekend and getting laid of course. Best part.
       I went outside to see Natasha had hailed a cab and was waiting by the side door for me. 'Sorry, about that. Let's go.' I opened the door for her and she smiled at me and climbed in. I admired her appearance. Short black dress with a great cleavage and lovely legs. She wore quite high heels making her almost my height. We didn't speak much on the journey back to my apartment, we just watched the busy night life from the window.
     Outside my door, I fumbled with the keys while she laughed at my clumsiness. I joined in with her after a while but after a few attempts we were in. 'Do you want a drink or something..?' I asked her but before I could even turn around fully to face her, she was kissing me.
      I grabbed her and pinned her up against the wall, kissing and biting at her neck while she moaned with pleasure. I yanked the zip of her dress down and she wriggled out of it leaving her in just her thong. She had a great pair of tits on her. I looked her up and down then picked her up, she swung her legs round my waist and I carried her into my bedroom. I put her down on the edge of my bed whilst I took my t shirt off. She unzipped my jeans and pulled them down along with my Calvin Klein boxer shorts. 'Mm so big' She said before taking me in both hands and licking the tip.
'Yeah, yeah. Enough teasing' I grabbed her head shoving her down onto my size. She wasn't as good as I thought she'd be but I focused on an imaged of Megan Fox in my head and I soon came. 
    I got on my knees beside the bed and ripped her thong off her, so wet. Just how I like it. I put my head between her legs and licked her clit softly a couple of times while she squealed. This'll show her, I thought to myself and moved my tongue swiftly in and out of her sweet tight pussy and within minutes she was screaming and came happily into my mouth. I climbed on top of her but she took charge and rolled us over so she was on top. I put my hands on hips as she lowered herself onto my dick. She gasped a little but was soon bouncing up and down. Wow. She's good. I came inside her and she rolled off me and laid, panting by my side.
'Another round?' I offered.

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