What happens next?

when Jasmine Barton was younger she had to put up with the trauma of her mother leaving but now will she have to play the mother.


2. 2nd chapter

Chapter 2

As soon as I wake up I burst out of bed and quickly get dressed, I skip breakfast which isn’t the best thing to do then text Kaylee:

Can’t wait till we start shopping xJx

“I’ve never seen you this excited.” Dad jokes.

I laugh because Dad always sees me this excited when I’m going shopping.

“Get your things ready because the bus leaves at 9:30 and I have to be in work at 9:00.” Dad says whilst stuffing cheerio’s into his mouth and doing his tie up at the same time.

Everybody says that men can’t multitask and ladies can but it’s the other way round in our house, I’m absolutely terrible at it and Dad can do it easily.

“Ok, make sure you don’t choke on your cheerio’s.” I say jokingly.

I don’t wait for an answer (I know it would have been a laugh but he’s eating cheerio’s so he can’t talk) I run up stairs and grab my mascara and eye liner from my dressing table and put it on as neatly as I can. I never used to wear makeup when I was about 13 but now I’m 16 I’ve learnt how to put it on. Thank god because I don’t think I could live without it.

“I’m going; I think the bus will be here any minute.”

“Hang on, I’m coming.” I say rushing around my room trying to find my favourite shoes and my spotty bag.

“I’m gonna start the car and then get going.” Dad says whilst in the process of climbing the stairs.

I normally take ages to find things in my room because it’s such a mess, the only reason for that is, I love buying things. At least I admit it.

“Yes found it.” I say too myself.

I pull out a bag that looks like the one I wanted but its not, I decide to use it anyway because previous times I’ve had to take the bus it came earlier than usual and I don’t want to risk missing it.

“Bye sweetheart.” Dad says bringing me into a hug.

Dad hardly ever calls me sweetheart and when he does it makes me feel like I’m small again when my mum used to always call me names like that.

“Bye, I am only going into town with Kaylee you know. I’m not going that far away.” I whisper wondering why Dad is acting so weird.

“I know, I know but...just have a great time.” He says quickly.

It turns out Dad was wrong and the bus actually arrived at 10:00 so I had to wait for about 30minutes before it actually turned up and it wasn’t even early today.

“How much is an adult ticket for the day?” I ask.

“It’s £4:50.” The bus driver replies.

The best thing about living in a place with buses is that you can get around easily but its better when they have buses with stairs, unfortunately this on doesn’t but most of them do.

“Ok, I’ll have an adult ticket then please.” I say trying to be as polite as I can (not that I need to be).

“Where shall I sit?” I whisper to myself.

I plonk myself next to a scary looking man who smells like he doesn’t wash but somehow I put up with it.

“I’m getting off here.” He says smiling.

It’s almost as if he’s showing me how many teeth he’s lost, maybe that’s abit mean but kind of true. I move for him then have to move over for some other person I don’t know again.

“Have you got any idea what stop purple lane shopping centre is?” the oldish but nice lady asks me.

“I believe that’s in four more stops.” I tell her.

“Thank you dear.” The lady says cheerfully.

When the bus journey is almost over I decide to call Kaylee.

“Hello, I’ve almost arrived.” I say into my phone.

“Hi, where do you want to meet up?” Kaylee asks.

“Urm...I think maybe outside purple lane shopping centre.” I suggest.

“Yep, see you there then. Oh and.” Kaylee says.

I thought Kaylee said something then but I’m sure I’m just imagining it. When the bus arrives I and the lady I was sitting next to make our way over to the entrance then go separate ways to each other. I decide it would be a good idea to find Kaylee. 

“Jas, Jas.” I look around to see where the voice was coming from. Then I see a group of people I somehow recognise.

“Kaylee.” I say stumbling into a blond haired boy who I don’t know.

“Hey Jas, we found each other eventually.” Kaylee says laughing a little.

When kaylee said we were going shopping I thought she just meant me and her like we normally do but today she invited a load of people I didn't know.

"Hey, I didn't realize we were meant to bring other friends." I say sarcastically 

"Well, there not exactly friends. There my family I thought they might want to meet you." kaylee explains 

She introduces them to me and gives a long list of names such as: Leyla, Jacob, Aiden, Natalia, khloe, riley and others. 

I stand awkwardly shaking there hands and meeting them and then somehow when I get to George (Kaylee’s half brother) I suddenly feel confident and not so awkward anymore.

"Hi, you must be Jasmine." George says 

"Yes hi, your George aren't you?" I ask

"George is moving down here and is going to go to the same school as us." kaylee says interrupting our rather boring conversation.

We all go off in different directions, I go with kaylee and her cousin leyla and the others go off somewhere else.

We head for new look and shops around there but kaylee doesn’t seem to be as fun today as she normally is but I don't say anything unless it's not really my business.

"Well meet back here at lunch time." kaylee shouts to the others before there out of sight.

“Right lets get shopping.” I say cheerfully linking arms with Kaylee.

“Where do you want to go first?” Kaylee asks.

“I think we should go to a charity shop or marks and Spencer’s.” Leyla suggests, being serious.

I shoot kaylee a look but she doesn’t seem to notice.

“I would rather go to new look thanks but if you want you can go to your shops.” I say in the nicest possible way trying not to laugh.

“We have to stick together.” Leyla says annoyingly.

“Our mums did say that we had to stay together.” Kaylee says sighing slightly.

In the end Leyla drags us to the most boring shops so that she can try on clothes that look like they were made for old ladies. After a while we get a chance to go to new look but only for about half an hour because Leyla spent ages deciding if she should buy a dress or not.

"Do you think I should have brought the dress?" Leyla keeps asking.

"Yes it's fine, just stop asking that," Kaylee keeps saying getting madder each time.  

Once were alone and able to look around before lunch I find a really nice top and jeans. Me and Kaylee try on a few things like we normally do and laugh at how strange Leyla is.

"I'm sorry about my cousin, as you can see she's quite weird." kaylee says whilst we walk out of ‘Claire’s’

"It’s alright, I have worse family." I say laughing slightly.

Once we finally find everyone and decide on where to eat we make our way in the direction we think it is.

“Are you sure you know where ‘Giraffe’ is?” Leyla asks starting to annoy me and Kaylee, infact starting to annoy everyone.

“For the last time, yes.” I say, not sure where it actually is.

After a few minutes of looking around we find ‘KFC’, so we decide to go in there.

“This will have to do.” I say laughing a little.

We order and sit down; coincidentally I’m sitting almost opposite George and next to Leyla.

“Have you all had a good time?” someone says.

Most of us reply with grunts because we have our mouthful but Leyla tells everyone about what she brought.

“I got a dress and some shoes.” Leyla says whilst pulling it out of her plastic bag.

“Wow, it’s umm.....Lovely.” Khloe (Kaylee’s cousin) Says lieing.

“Thanks, at least some people are nice.” Leyla says looking at me for some reason.

“What have I done?” I ask curiously.

She starts explaining but Kaylee stops her. We carry on eating, half way through I realise George is staring at me or he could be staring at some girls behind me.

When he notices that I can see him he stops and tries to look natural and like he wasn’t doing it in the first place.


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