Dream Catcher

When fifteen year old Katie finds out she's pregnant she doesn't know what to do. Rejected by the father, she turns to her family who are too worried about what the neighbours think to even try and help her. So, she is shipped off to her Aunt's in Florida where she deals with her pregnancy across the sea.


1. Truth no lies

My life wasn't perfect. Infact, it was no way near. But maybe if it was, this wouldn't be happening to me. I wasn't skinny and tanned. I didn't have long blonde hair. I wasn't popular and boys didn't want to know me. I still didn't understand how this had happened. How could this of happened to me?
      I stared down at the pregnancy test wondering if it was some practical joke. I was fifteen. This couldn't be happening. I didn't feel angry. Or hurt. Or worried. In fact, I just felt numb. How would I tell my parents? How would I go to school? All I wanted to do was go home but I couldn't, it was only ten thirty, I had the rest of the school day to face.
       I opened the cubical door to see my two best friends casually redoing their perfect makeup. I had always been jealous of their flawless skin. Mia put her mascara brush into her makeup bag and turned around to face me. "Hey, we thought you'd be in here, everything ok, Kat?" She asked peering at me slightly. She glanced down and saw the test in my hand. "Oh god. Is that..?" I nodded and grabbed some tissue paper to wrap it up with then dropped it into the bin. Sophie, the airhead of my group was still busy applying her blusher. I shot Mia a look and she nodded quickly. I loved Sophie but the last thing I needed was her knowing and telling the whole school. "Well, I have chemistry at the other side of the school so I should probably get going now." I spoke as brightly as I could manage, said bye to my friends, opened the bathroom door and held my head up high as I walked to class.
        The day dragged on and what seemed like days later, the bell rang and I could finally go home to my room where I was safe from this nightmare. Except I wasn't and telling myself this could all go away didn't make it any easier. "Katie! Wait!" The familiar voice of Mia made my stomach tighten. I wanted to walk home on my own to think and take this all in and I knew Mia would want to talk about it. I couldn't ignore her though. "Hey, aren't you walking with Soph?" I asked even know trying to distract her was pointless. "Nah she's staying behind with Mr Tomas are you having an abortion then?"
"Oh my god, do you have to talk so loudly? I'm not ready for the whole school to find out yet!"
"Sorry. So are you?" I hadn't really thought about an abortion. But then again, I hadn't really thought about any of my options with this disaster. I didn't want to kill something, someone. But I didn't want to get the noticeable pregnant bump. "I don't know. I'm not sure I could go though with something like that."
        "Ah ok. You do know that if you don't your gonna have to tell your parents? And Jake. And your gonna get fat."
"I know." I was scared of telling Jake. I was scared of everyone finding out. But my parents, I didn't want to think about it. They would be so disappointed in me.
       We continued walking down past the houses and shops in our little town. Marsworth was a small yet peaceful place to live. Nothing bad or interesting ever happened here and I certainly didn't want to bring gossip to the scene. Mia tried making small talk with me but soon gave up, she could see I wasn't in the mood. We came to her house and said our goodbyes and I continued down my endless street. At long last I reached my house. My dad's car was in the driveway so it was clear he was home from work. Friday was the only day he got home early as he was in a good mood with the weekend coming up. I opened my door and heard the laughter coming from the living room. I closed the door as silently as I could, put my bag down, took a deep breath and walked into the room to see them. "Had a good day, love?" My dads friendly tone made me want to cry.
"Mum. Dad. I need to tell you something. Promise you won't be mad."

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