Dream Catcher

When fifteen year old Katie finds out she's pregnant she doesn't know what to do. Rejected by the father, she turns to her family who are too worried about what the neighbours think to even try and help her. So, she is shipped off to her Aunt's in Florida where she deals with her pregnancy across the sea.


3. Love me and leave me

I couldn't believe it. He had hung up on me. It was clear now I had told him the truth he wanted nothing more to do with me. I sat shocked as his name disappeared from my Facebook chats, he was leaving me on my own through this.
       I curled up on my bed and closed my eyes, I had no intention of sleeping but i just wanted to run through the worst day of my life. And it wasn't even over.
      I finally got up and decided to comfort eat. I did my best to seem happy and bright so my parents wouldn't sense I was miserable. I couldn't deal with them right now with the father of my unborn child blocking me out of his life. Wow. That sounds so scary and grown up. I got a huge bowl and filled it with to the top with frosties then headed for the chocolate.
      Back in my room I decided a nice chick flick movie night would be good. 27 dresses, bride wars, 13 going on 30 to start with. Then I'll hit the horrors.
     I shoved spoonful after spoonful of cereal, pieces of chocolate and slices of pizza into my mouth trying to block out everything. It wasn't working. After the ice cream I lowered the T.V volume and crawled under my covers in an attempt to get some sleep.
     "Morning sleepyhead! Or should I say afternoon."
"Mummm its the weekend let me sleep! Please!" I groaned and turned over without even opening my eyes. I heard the sound of my curtains being opened. The light made its way around my room and eventually landed on me, making it impossible to sleep. I felt around for my blackberry. Ten past eleven. Wonderful. "THATS NOT AFTERNOON! TWELVE IS AFTERNOON!" I cried to the empty room. Ugghh. No use.
    I dressed slowly and trudged downstairs. It was clear my brother had made it back sometime in the early morning, he looked worse than me. "You look how I feel. Hangover?"
"Mmm" He rested his head back on the worktop. He was always staying out until three in the morning, especially on weekends and then regretted it when his mates asking him to go to town. I rummaged through the fridge trying to find something that looked edible. "I think you ate the entire contents last night" Dad chuckled. I glared at him and took a yoghurt. "So, any big plans for today?"
"I'll probably go to Mia's later."
"Oh nice. Dylan?"
"Maybe later." He lifted his head, grabbed a bottle of water, took a sip then put his head back down. The usual hourly motion for my idiot brother.
      An hour later it was just me and Dylan sat talking about life. I trusted him a lot, he was my big brother. I told him everything. "I'm pregnant." He looked up from his sports magazine. "What the... your crazy! Oh my god, Katie! Please tell me this is a joke!"
"Its not. I'm scared, Dylan! What do I do?" I felt really close to tears as I could finally talk to someone about it, someone who I trusted. "Do you wanna keep it? Coz if you do, you need to tell mum and dad."
"I do and I know I just don't know how! Would you tell them for me?" I looked at him with pleading eyes as he stared right back at me, more shocked than when I had told him I was pregnant.
    "Ok fine. They'll be back soon. You should get to your friends house, I think it will be easier if your out." It was official. I loved my brother. I smiled gave him a big hug and practically ran out of the house. Goodbye, world! If that's what it came to...

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