Dream Catcher

When fifteen year old Katie finds out she's pregnant she doesn't know what to do. Rejected by the father, she turns to her family who are too worried about what the neighbours think to even try and help her. So, she is shipped off to her Aunt's in Florida where she deals with her pregnancy across the sea.


2. Confessions

They both stared hopefully at me. Waiting for me to tell them. How could I just destroy their lives like this? I looked down at the floor. "I... I'm..." The words wouldn't come out. They were stuck, trapped in my throat. I had to say something though, I couldn't let them wait. I needed more time. "I'm failing maths." I blurted out.
       My mother peered into my eyes looking at me strangely. "But you've always been failing maths." Great. Good excuse, Katie.
     "I know. I'm just really far behind. More than I usually am."
"Ah. Well, why don't you ask Sophie to tutor you? She's such a bright girl! I'm sure she'll be good for you." My dad smiled and carried the empty mugs into the kitchen. Sophie wasn't actually that bright at well, anything educational. She just had this little act of looking all sweet and saying clever stuff that doesn't even make any sense. I was shocked they didn't believe anything was wrong. I mean, their your parents right? Their supposed to know when something is wrong. "I'm... gonna go upstairs."
"Ok, get your homework done early, love, don't be rushing it on Sunday night."
"Ok I will, thanks mum"
       I grabbed my school bag and carried it upstairs, swinging it slightly. Once in my room, i collapsed on my bed and sighed. I should of told them.
     Ear phones in. Music full blast. T.V for the pretty pictures. Just how I like it. After several attempts of algebra and poetry, I had given up on homework. I'll do it on Sunday. My laptop stared at me from across the room. Facebook. My only communication with Jake and I was attempting to block it out.
    I usually loved talking to him, I'd spend hours waiting for him to come on just so I knew I was talking to him. After our holiday romance i was desperate to stay in contact with him. I didn't really know why. I mean, he lives at the other side of the country so I probably won't get to see him again and long distance never works anyway.
      After five minutes or so of resisting temptation I finally swung the lid of the laptop up and switched it on. I tapped my foot impatiently as I waited for the internet to load. I typed in my password and quickly checked to see if he was online. He was. I failed with my parents but not with him, I was going to tell him the truth.
      I brought up a new conversation and was ready to type when my phone rang. I sighed and picked it up.
"Hey. Its me." Jake replied. At once I recognized his cool, smooth southern accent and my heart raced.
"Hey, you know I'm on Facebook right? Can we talk on there?"
"Oh. Yeah, sure. I just... I wanted to hear your voice."
"Oh." My voice brightened and I smiled. "Actually I need to tell you something. I'm pregnant. I just thought I'd come out and say it you know, get it out there." I spoke fast and quick I heard a lot of sighing from the other end of the line.
"Do you have my address?" His voice was panicked now.
"Er no. Wh.." The phone went dead.

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