Behind the curtains a backstage story

For the movellas competition ... Katie and Molly went to a one direction concert but they were mistaken as members of staff they were dragged backstage and met one direction and learnt there is so much more than what you see on camera....


1. Get ready

Molly is so annoying sometimes she booked me and her tickets to a one direction concert its not that I don't like them they are talented and attractive but I don't like celebrities anymore because I was obsessed with a band I met them but they were selfish,stuck - up and rude  but I will go to the concert because it might be fun and Molly is like a sister to me 

" Katie are you ready? " Molly asked 

" yeah I guess " I shrugged Molly was wearing a tonne of one direction merchandise she even had her blonde and pink hair up in a one direction rubber band sometimes I wonder where on earth she gets this stuff from and how much money she spends on it all 

" Katie why aren't you wearing anything bright you'll never get noticed wearing that " she motioned to my black jeans and purple top I shrugged she handed me a bright orange one direction headband I rolled my eyes and put in on she smiled we got into a taxi and went to the O2 arena in London near where we lived. We hopped out of the taxi and walked into the arena but a large man inside grabbed me and Molly 

"Girls where have you been? You're late for work! Never mind just get your tags and passes seriously just can't get the staff these days" me and Molly exchanged looks..... What is going on? I thought


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