Behind the curtains a backstage story

For the movellas competition ... Katie and Molly went to a one direction concert but they were mistaken as members of staff they were dragged backstage and met one direction and learnt there is so much more than what you see on camera....


2. Anger and memories

We were put in a room backstage " Girls one direction are arriving any second when they do become friends with them you'll have to cope with them for a long time now your job is to provide help and advice to them good luck " the man said and walked away I looked at Molly she was smiling face then the door swung open and 5 hyper guys walked in 

" hello who are you two?" Harry asked Molly looked like she was going to burst she couldn't talk So I answered 

"I am Catherine but everyone calls me Katie and this is Julliet but she doesn't like that name so she is Molly" I said bluntly 

"cool hello Katie hello Molly " Liam smiled Molly burst right infront of us 

" LIAM PAYNE SAID MY NAME HE SAID MY NAME HE SAID MY NAME HE SAID MY NAME HE SAID MY NAME I AM IN THE SAME ROOM AS ONE DIRECTION OMG OMG I'M DYING! " she screamed she was tiny but so loud she was jumping on the sofa soon Harry Louis Niall Zayn and Liam joined in....

After half an hour of calming down we were sat talking 

" don't your fans annoy you sometimes? " Molly asked 

" it depends but we love our fans " Zayn said that's almost exactly what the band who broke my heart used to say I started to cry 

"when do you people stop lying!" I cried and i ran out ...did I take it to far maybe they are great guys it was embarrassing I couldn't turn back so I sat down in a small room when. I heard footsteps 

" Hello who is it?" I asked scared 

" Katie?" ....

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