Skinny Summer

I was fifteen back then, and it was summer. No worries about school or mean girls. I went on a road trip with my dad. He was always a good father, but he didn't know me. No one ever knew me. I lived a life in my head. A girl was haunting me in every reflection.
I felt insane, but I had to hide it. I couldn't tell my dad.


8. Scaredy-cat and hugging

I put my heart on my chest and took a deep breath.

“Did I scare you?” the person said. It was a guy with short, brown hair and green eyes. His smile lighted up in the darkness because of his unnaturally white teeth.

“What are you doing?!” I asked horrified.

He started to laugh.

“I scared you! My name’s Brandon”, he said.

“Don’t do that again”, I said shocked.

He smiled at me and asked:
“What’s your name scaredy-cat?”

I rolled my eyes and lied down.

“Come on, tell me”, he said happily.

I sighted and said:
“At about 1:30 and you scare a stranger like that? Go away!”

 He said nothing and went out of the tent. I was very annoyed. He was so rude.

I went to sleep and woke up at 7.

The sky was bright and the birds were singing. I got dressed and went out of my tent.

It didn’t seem like dad was awake yet, since his tent was closed and I couldn’t see him anywhere.

I looked around and saw Brandon. He was talking to the elders, but saw me and waved. I didn’t wave back.

“Time for breakfast! It’s now or tomorrow!” a lady shouted.

All meals were served in a huge, white tent with tables and chairs in it. I went inside and sat at a table in the corner. I saw dad walking towards me, so I took an extra chair and placed it next to me.

“So it’s time for breakfast?” he asked. “What are you having?”

I shyly responded:
“Some fruits; perhaps an apple and a pear.”

He went to the big tables with food and got us both some breakfast.

Before I knew it, Brandon sat on dad’s chair.

“That seat is for my dad”, I said annoyed.

He just smiled at me and got comfortable.

“There’s a big forest near the camping site. We can go there after breakfast, if you want to?” he said and smiled.

I sighed and rolled my eyes.

“No thanks”, I responded.

He was still smiling. He looked like an idiot.

Dad came back with the food. He put an apple and a pear in front of me. Brandon looked at it, then looked at me and said:
“Is that it? You’re not eating very much!”

Dad looked at me suspiciously, so I panicked and had to come up with some kind of excuse.

“I haven’t been eating much lately. I don’t feel well”, I said.

Dad put his food in front of Brandon, telling him to go away because it was his seat.

Brandon smiled awkwardly and nervously and said:
“I have to get going, I need breakfast as well”, and walked off.

Dad sat down, and this time he looked suspiciously at Brandon.

“Who is that guy?” he asked.

I looked over at Brandon, wondering; who was that guy?

I simply said:

“I don’t know”.


“Well, let’s eat!” dad said. He had a bacon-and-ham sandwich and I had an apple and a pear.

I took every bite slowly. Tiny bites slowly. My stomach was growling loud and clear.

“You sound hungry”, dad said. I hated when people said that. I hated when people noticed I was hungry. One thing is hearing it, but don’t say anything!

I got sad and said:
“I have to go to the bathroom.”

I ran as fast as I could on an empty stomach. I saw the bathrooms from a distance. I ran even faster. I ran even faster than I could. Suddenly my hart started to beat way faster than it should.

My legs felt weak and so did my arms. I was losing my breath. My head started spinning and felt heavy.

My vision became blurry as I became dizzy. I was confused and scared. What was going on?

I could barely stand on my feet, but I had to keep running. But as I couldn’t keep my eyes open, I gave up and let my body fall to the ground. Everything was dark.


“Don’t you get it? I’m in charge”

I was alive, but I felt dead. My eyes were hurting just like the rest of me. I felt the softest pillow on my head. A thick, warm duvet was keeping me down. I had sunken into the bed, and I loved it. I know I was awake, but I couldn’t open my eyes yet.

I tried to get myself together, to collect my thoughts.


I remembered that “hey” from last night.

“Brandon?” I whispered. I had no strength for talking. I had nothing.

“Hey girl, it’s me Brandon”, he responded.

“Where’s my dad?” I asked.

“He’s in the food tent with the others. Don’t worry no-one knows about this. You were running towards the bathroom but fainted before you got there”, he said.

That’s when I got myself back together. I got tears in my eyes. I thought of dad. I thought of my life before any of the bad things had happened, before the voice started to talk in my head.

I got up and pushed Brandon away. I ran once again. This time, I was determent.

As soon as I spotted dad, I started to cry. I almost couldn’t do it silently, but I did my best.

Music was playing in the food tent. A few hundred people were sitting there, enjoying their meals the way I couldn’t. I ran as fast as I could, and no matter how dizzy I became, I wouldn’t let my body fall. Not again.

I hugged him as tightly I could. I could no longer control my tears; they watered my entire face and I panted.

Dad was confused, but didn’t say a word. He stood up and gave me a real hug. We stood there and held each other as tight as we could.
“I love you dad”, I whispered.

 Never have I ever had such an emotional hug.

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