Skinny Summer

I was fifteen back then, and it was summer. No worries about school or mean girls. I went on a road trip with my dad. He was always a good father, but he didn't know me. No one ever knew me. I lived a life in my head. A girl was haunting me in every reflection.
I felt insane, but I had to hide it. I couldn't tell my dad.


5. One bad dream

I sat and straightened my bag. I looked around and saw her behind me.

“What do you mean?”

“I saw that. That was not 200. You need 150 more”, she said.

“No, leave me alone”, I said.

She seemed really angry. She slowly came closer and said:
“Do you want to succeed or what?”

I sighted. I looked down and said:

“You have only made my life worse. Leave me alone!”

She looked at me with the most evil eyes. Her judging face stared at me, and I got scared.

“Listen up, you little bitch; you better do what I tell you to or else”, she said.

That’s when I got my attitude back.

“Or what?”

She became more and more furious. She wasn’t used to being talked back at. She always had things her way.

Her eyes grew to the size of tennis balls. They lost all color as they turned all black. They weren’t shining; they were just blank and plain black. Her teeth got sharpened and became longer and spookier. Her hair turned black and grew down to her feet. Her skin was pale, and she lost all her clothes. She was literally only skin and bones with a wig and black eyes. She looked horrible. Her fingers were long and boney with long, sharp, red nails on them.

She was the most horrifying sight I had ever seen.

“You little bitch!” she yelled.

“You are nothing without me, and you better do what I fucking tell you to! I am all you have and you know it!”

I stood up, looked into her dark, hollow eyes and shouted:
“I am loved and I am worth more than this! I am not letting you control my life anymore!”


I screamed. Dad was sitting at the table. I looked outside and the sun was shining bright. Had I really been sleeping the whole time?


“Holy cow, what is going on?!” dad yelled and ran over to me.

I took a deep breath and sighted. I looked down and stroke my fingers through my hair. My heart was pounding faster than ever. I was scared. The dream seemed so real. I felt everything I did in the dream.

I could barely catch my breath.

“I just had a very bad dream”, I said.

He started to laugh and put his hand on my shoulder. He also had a hard time catching his breath.

“Do you want a glass of water? Calm down!”

I nodded and looked up at him.

He walked over to the sink and poured me a big glass of water.

“So what’s the plan for today?” I asked.

He came back and handed me the glass. He sat on the side of my bed and said:
“Our goal is to drive all the way around Sjælland”, he said.

I shook my head and squeezed my eyes.

“Wait, what? Shell-land? How do you spell that?!”

“They have a letter we don’t have”, he explained. “They actually have three letters we don’t have. It looks like an A but also an E.”

I was looking at him, trying to give him some signals telling how confused I was.

“’Sjælland’ is Danish and means ‘Zealand’”, he said. “It’s the island we are on right now.”

I didn’t understand half of what he said, so I just smiled and said:

He stood up and took my glass.

“We start driving today. We’ll be driving clockwise”, he said. “And by ‘today’ I mean ‘right now’.”

I smiled at him and got dressed.

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