Skinny Summer

I was fifteen back then, and it was summer. No worries about school or mean girls. I went on a road trip with my dad. He was always a good father, but he didn't know me. No one ever knew me. I lived a life in my head. A girl was haunting me in every reflection.
I felt insane, but I had to hide it. I couldn't tell my dad.


7. Camping site

It was 17:48. I pressed Play and put my headphones on.

Go on and try to tear me down. I will be rising from the ground like a skyscraper”, she sang.

The road was bumpy and noisy. I turned the volume up, and closed my eyes.

“Go run, run, run. I’m gonna stay right here, watch you disappear.”

Suddenly, I heard some weird noises. I removed my headphones.

“Dad, what’s going on?”

He pulled in to the side and got out. I followed him outside, and he stopped and said:
“Something’s wrong with the car.”

He looked around.

“There’s a camping site over there. Go and see if you can get help”, he said and pointed for me.

I was a bit insecure, but I started walking towards the camping site. There were a lot of people. Some of them were barbequing, some were playing tennis and some were sitting outside the tents, smoking.

I got closer and tried to decide who I would talk to.

An old lady was sitting quietly on a bench, keeping an eye out for the little kids playing in the sandpits.

“Hej søde, hvad kan jeg hjælpe med?” she said.

I had no idea, what she said. She was speaking Danish, but I wasn’t.

“Excuse me, my dad and I are on a little vacation in our autocamper, but it has broken down, so I was wondering, if any of you could help us?” I asked.

He starting laughing.
“I’m not very good at the English, sorry. Let me find someone”, she said with her broken English.

I looked over at the kids in the sandpits. They looked so happy. One of the girls looked like me when I was younger.

The old lady came back with a very tall, bearded guy. He looked like a lumberjack with his big beard and his checkered shirt.

“So your car broke down?” he asked with his deep, crunchy male voice.

“Yeah, it’s our autocamper. It’s right over there”, I said shyly and pointed at dad. “He’s looking at it right now.”

The bearded man smiled and walked over to dad. I followed him.

“You might have to stay for a few days”, he said. “We have enough room for the both of you.”

Dad looked over at me and said:
“You wanna spend the night here?”

I smiled and nodded, as I was too shy around new people.


The bearded man gave dad and me our own tents. Mine was blue and his was green.

I put all my stuff in it and went to bed.

Someone tried to knock on my tent like it was the door to my bedroom.

“Aren’t you coming out? We’re having hotdogs for dinner.” It was the bearded man.

“No thanks, I’m exhausted after a long day”, I said.

He walked away and let me sleep.

I was lying on the softest madras in the world. The duvet was thick and kept me warm. It was squishy and soft like a cloud. I felt like I was floating in the sky.

“You think you can win? You think you beat me?”

I was shocked. I sat and tried to catch my breath. I was sweating so much that the duvet got sticky.

“I am always with you. I am you.”

I turned my head and looked around. No signs of any humans around. No signs of any life. It was all in my head. I looked at my watch; it said 01:26.

I put my head safely on my pillow. I closed my eyes and once again tried to relax.

I heard the sound of a zip. The tent slowly opened.

“Heeey!” someone shouted and jumped in my face.

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