Made for Him Part 1

" Please Don't leave me. I'm sorry!" I yelled as tears flooded in my eye.
" Do still love me?" I spat out as my heart paused waiting for him to tell me the answer.
But he didn't need to answer as I saw the pain in his eyes. My heart dropped.
" I"m Gonna go" he said calmly. I tried to run hold him back but my legs were paralyzed. All I could do is yell his name. Nothing worked. He's gone. I don't even know if he will even come back..............................


2. First day

1 year earlier 

" I can't wear this Kira!" I raised my voice as I turned to Kira, My Roommate. " Why not?" She questioned. " I'm not going to a club. I'm going to my first day of work and I want a good impression" I said as I looked down at my sleeveless black dress that went down to my knee. Also paired with a yellow neon jacket  and black wedge booties, From forever 21 of course. " Slonna your going to work at Karren's. One of the biggest fashion industry in the country. And I'm not gonna let you walk out that door wearing TJ max jean's and flip flops" She stared at me. " Let that go already. That was before we graduated collage and I working at a thrift shop!" I laughed at old times in collage. " Can you just wear this for me? Pudding please?"  She said with the cheesiest puppy eyes 
Me: " Fine if I get to wear a ponytail because I Still need to look like I'm going to work. Not I club" 
Kira: " Fine" She said with a stereotypical teenager voice.
Me: "Your a bitch.You know that?" I joked 
Kira: " But I'm your bitch" she said as we both laughing. 

As I finished tying my hair. I looked down a my second handed Black Paris Hilton watch then I knew I was late. "Shit" I cursed. "I'm gonna be late!". I ran across the apartment then grabbed my black glitter purse , that matched with my dress, And ran down the stairs instead of the elevator since that elevator was always broken. I Turned on the engine of my black scooter as It roared to life, and then drove me way to work.

I parked my Scooter at the nearest space then run up the steps the paused at the door and remembered this was a job where you are always judged by your clothes and hair. So I grabbed my compact and check if my eyeliner smudged. Make up not smudged, My dark brown hair if still in  a neat ponytail, My eye's are still brown, and not cut's or anything. First test passed. Now if you enter the building with confidents. Then I walked up to the automatic door then nothing happened. i waited and waited ,But nothing happened. Then a security guard came out the other door and said " Mam that door is broken.And there's a sign on the door that clearly states that". I looked at the door and saw Door broken sign. stuck to the glass door. I flushed in embarrassment. And as I made my way to the other door and almost tripped over my other leg. Strike two, one more then your out! I went up to the main reception and said in the most formal accent. " Ummmmmmmm excuse me miss ummmmm" I stuttered. Oh my God what was I doing. My formal accent almost sounds like a wanna be English accent. "Claira" She replied with kind smile. " Yeah ummmm Claire. I have a appointment with John Rocher". She quickly typed onto the computer and cleared her voice and said " Yes your appointment is in 5 minutes and his office is on the 27 floor and just wait in the waiting room to the right of the elevator and the woman in the reception is called  Stacey and she will call you when your appointment is time". "thank you so much Claira. wait can I call you Claira". I quickly stuttered. " Of course you can darling. And my pleasure" She said so nicely and politely. Urggggg why do I have to sound like a 9 year old. When I saw the open elevator I frantically ran like kid to the elevator. I managed to push the closing elevator door back open And gave a dirty look at the bright blonde who tried to close the elevator on me. 

I now I am waiting in the waiting room for John Rocher, aka a major in the fashion industry, aka my new boss! Shit why did he pick me out of all of the other people who wanted the position. I am like a bad luck charm Shit! I'm gonna crash and burn big time! That thought made me alert that I had to look my best. I looked at the compact mirror and I looked horrible. My eyeliner was smudged, my lipstick was on my teeth! how was this possible I looked totally fine when I was at the reception. Then I saw beads of sweat around my forehead. Maybe that's why that girl closed the elevator on me. I grabbed the make-up wipes and started clean and redoing my make up. Then a ginger haired woman came into the room and said " Mr. Rocher is ready to see you" I Got up and straightened my dress. I walked in to the cold office.Thank  good for the jacket. Then I saw John Rocher sitting in the huge chair in the middle of the room. " Ahhh great to see you again Miss. Rettles". 
Me: Great to see you too. And I like to say thank you so much for this job Mr.Rocher and......
Mr Rocher: Miss Rettels do you remember why I chose you?" He interrupted me.
Me: Ummmmmm
Mr Rocher: I chose you because other was all the same nothing stood out to me but the was something about your design that stood out to me" There was a awkward pause for 30 seconds. 
Then the silent was broken by a Knock on the door. The ginger haired woman returned but this time her cheeks was blood red. 
Ginger Woman: Mr Rocher your son is here and your 2 O'Clock meeting if coming up in 5 minute. 
Mr Rocher: Tell them wait for a bit. I'm on my way. Oh and Miss Rettels I'd like you to meet my son and work in 2 days at 8am. Sarah Send Cage in" Then there he was the black hair Crystal blue eyes and I could see his abs through his shirt. Oh my god I was flushing. I repeated to myself to stop looking at his abs and I will stop flushing. Finally Mr. Rocher left the room. "Hi" He smirked. Damn he was sexy.


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