im not ready to let go

i cant be here with you anymore charlie Harry said holding back the tears No dont go i need you to stay i said now crying harder than ever im sorry he said with in minutes he was no longer there i was alone again


2. new town

charlies pov 

i heard mum screaming and i quickly went to what has happened 

i saw her put down the phone and said I GOT THE JOB  i saw how happy she was but clearly i wasnt this means a new town new school no friends not this again yes yes i know i sound spoiled

but we had moved 2 years ago as well after dad left us i really am not looking forward to this 


Charlie  i heard mum call out i quickly walked to thhe kichten to see what was the matter 

Charlie : yes mum 

Mum : dinner is ready set the table please and we talk about the job 

okay i said quite pissed off 


eating dinner ...............................................................

okay so darling we move to london in 1 week

so i start my job in this big office that sells and buys big place to make money really

WHAT ? 1 WEEK  is all ii have 1 friggin week  

stop shouting charlie its the bloody end of the world finish you're dinner and go up stairs and start to pack we'll talk again in the morning she said begining to sound pissed off  i just went up stairs and started to cry i didnt want to move i finnally had a life and its now came crashing down 


hey guys it was a short chapter but then again its my first proper movella story thanks for reading katie xoxox lol 

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