Baby I

This is a story about a girl name Emma who met Harry in Kindergarden they have been best friends ever since . Harry is going to audition for the X -Factor. Will she tell him her love for him ?? Or will she let him slip away ?!


2. Start of Something new

Harry started to blush and so did I. I ran to the bathroom but I guess he followed me. Hey do you like me he asked. Um ye-! Really you do! Why does it matter you going to be in the x-factor? It matters because I like you to. I started to fan girl but I didn't show it. Hey wanna grave something to eat? Yeah can you drop me at the park I need to get my sister? Yeah sure babe.OMG he called me babe.My sister Katie ran to the tv and I ran to the shower. I washed my hair and was em wrapped in a towel. I pick out this cute black top with some leggings. I wore converses and I went on to my hair. I blow dried it and combed hair is naturally wavy so I left it like that. He said at 6. Hey Emma were do you think you going? Mom Dad I am gonna go get food with Harry.Ok that's find. See my mom and his mom are best friends. The door bell rang! Hey Emma you ready? Yeah let me just get my phone.

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