Welcome to my life

Emma Carsiley has gone through the horrible, shocking and unimaginable things in her life, her family is gutted for her! Once she gets to the second term of the year, everything comes crashing down and the drama of it all is unbearable! What will happen when she gets to the hell hole they call school? Only her best friends know what she is going through, but what is it? Find out in Welcome to my life.


1. Prologue

Meet Emma Carsiley, the "famous" girl in her hometown that had to go through so much, and go on an unforgettable journey of drama, love, betrayal, secrets and the absolutely craziness that is life. But Emma has secrets of her own, and the only people who knew who she really was behind her awkward, shy exterior. But there is so many moments that will change her life,

F o r e v e r .

And she wont be forgetting about any of them anytime soon.


So that was the prologue! I hope you like it!
I have a proposition for you. If you want to be in the story, then comment me the name, gender, birthday and anything else that I need to know about your character. The character doesn't have to be about you if you dont want it to be, but full names please :)
If you don't want to create a character to be in the book, tell me who you would like to be that is in the story and I will try to please everyone :)
Byeee :)
-Emmy xx

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