Life Changer

Skylar is 16 years old going through High School. She is being bullied by none other than Justin Bieber. The bad boy in the school. After a while of this concecuative bully she gets depressed. Which leds her to cut. When that wasn't good enough she wanted to end her life. She closed her eyes thinking she was going to die but opens them in a hospital bed.
Soon after Justin in the one that helps her through recovery and what happens when she starts to fall for him ? The entire reason she has to go through recovery....


3. You Don't Have to Talk to Me


Skylar's POV


After almost running up the stairs of the school I went straight to the guidance councilor to get my schedule. I walked in and it was some new guy. Anyways he handed me a piece of paper with my classes on it and a map of the school so I would know where I was going. Well what he didn't know is that this wasn't my first time here. So then after talking for about 10 min about useless stuff I already knew with him he stopped me right as soon I as I was grabbing the door handle..."You are assigned to be a shadow of someone for the first week you are here. The person will show you around and help you get some friends." he said. I just hoped that it wasn't someone I already hated which was about every single person living and breathing in this school but when he said the name I felt like banging my head against the wall in tell I passed out..."You will be shadowing a boy named Justin Bieber." My stomach turned into a complete knot.


As if it could get any worse coming back to school i thought. Right after he told me the dreadful name "it" walked in beside me. Once we saw each other face to face we had totally different looks on each others faces. I was pretty pissed off so you can use you imagination to figure out my facial expression but him....I just was completely confused. He had this look in his eyes like he was amazed by my existence but his face was hard as stone as if he was looking down upon me. I guess the eyes are a portal into your soul.


Justin's POV


I was called to the guidance counselors office as soon as I walked into the building. What the fuck do they want with me I thought.?


I walked all the way down to the other end of the stupid school and finally arrived to the office. I noticed a girl standing in front of the window on the door as if she was going to leave. From what I can see of her she looks pretty darn hot. I grabbed the door knob and walked in. Come to find out it was Skylar now standing right beside me. She still looked beautiful as ever. Wait what am I thinking I can't like her like that I have to protect my popularity. But looking into her eyes she looked like she hated every bone and cell in my body. I mean she had a reason to hate me. I would hate me to if I was her. But I just wish there was a way to start over with her and not worry about popularity for a while. Then things would go back to the way they used to be. As if that would only happen.....


"Oh hello Mr.Bieber, Thank you for coming." The words coming out of Mr. Perry's mouth. To be honest he looked like a future or present child molester. To sum it up creepy as hell. Anyways his words knocked me out of a trance I was in from looking at her. "This is the person that will be shadowing you for about a week or long ,depends on if she needs it, and you will show her the school and help and care for her. This is now your knew friend. Just welcome her." He stated looking directly almost into my soul. Once again creepy...But this is my chance to start over...well at least try to. 


"Okay." I said and opened the door for her and walked behind her. She was walking some other way away from me. "Where do you think your going.?" I called over to her. "Narnia dumb ass." She said in the most smartass tone a person could have. "Your suppose to follow me." I replied. "Okay, look. We both know I don't need help finding my way around this school so we both don't have to waste our time together we can just go our separate ways. And a bonus for you, you won't have to be ashamed of me like you were when we walked through these halls the first time. Goodbye Justin." and with that she stormed off. I just stood there hurt. Just knowing that all those words were true and I regretted everything I have done to her. I just wish somehow I could make it up to her somehow....


Sorry I'm a terrible person for not updating. I have just been up to my head with homework on top of studying for my finals and shit. Well most of that is over so I can update more often Yay!











See ya soon my lovelies <3


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