Life Changer

Skylar is 16 years old going through High School. She is being bullied by none other than Justin Bieber. The bad boy in the school. After a while of this concecuative bully she gets depressed. Which leds her to cut. When that wasn't good enough she wanted to end her life. She closed her eyes thinking she was going to die but opens them in a hospital bed.
Soon after Justin in the one that helps her through recovery and what happens when she starts to fall for him ? The entire reason she has to go through recovery....


1. Getting To Know Me

Skylar's POV


Well before I tell you every detail of my young self I think you should get to know me first. My name is Skylar and I'm 16. I go to North East High School and live in Ontario, Canada. I have been homeschooled for 2 years and this is my first year going back.


I am really dreading walking into school Moday because number one I hate them all but one and number two its already week three of when school actually started and I'm just now inrolling because of my lazy ass mom.


I should probably say why I left in the first place....well I was bullied by this guy named Justin. Me and him used to be best friends intell he got into the popular group and became my worst nightmare. What makes him the worst out of all the rest of the people that make fun of me is he knows more about me than almost anyone. So he knows how to get under my skin and make me pissed and embarrassed. 


I just wish I could just escape it all and go someone where no one could find me......



I know this is like the shortest chapter ever but I had to start somewhere.... >,<


Tell me what you think !!! 


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See ya soon my Lovlies <3

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