Life Changer

Skylar is 16 years old going through High School. She is being bullied by none other than Justin Bieber. The bad boy in the school. After a while of this concecuative bully she gets depressed. Which leds her to cut. When that wasn't good enough she wanted to end her life. She closed her eyes thinking she was going to die but opens them in a hospital bed.
Soon after Justin in the one that helps her through recovery and what happens when she starts to fall for him ? The entire reason she has to go through recovery....


2. First Day Back

Skylar's POV


*7:00 am*


I woke up to the dreadful sound of my alarm clock playing a song off my iphone. I slung my arm over to the nightstand and hit the off button to just shut it up.


I finally got up after like 5 minuets of just laying there and getting awake. I slid on my slippers and walked into the bathroom next to my room. I nearly scared my self looking in the mirror of my appearance. 


I honestly never really look at myself anymore which is probably the reason. I actually really insecure about my body because I have always been called fat and such. 


Anyway since I took a shower the night before , I just started brushing out my hair and applied eye liner and mascara. I don't really like a bunch of make up if you can tell. 


After that I headed back to my room and started looking in the closet. I just grabbed a purple t-shirt with an infinity sign on it and a pair of skinny jeans. I quickly slid them on after I noticed the time was 7:40 and just grabbed a pair of toms. 


I then ran down the stairs and ignored the food on the table that my mom had made. Before I could grab the doorknob to the front door she stopped me. 


"Wait before you go you need to eat." She said pulling out the chair for me to sit down at the table. "Thank you but I'm not hungry" I lied and with that left with keys in hand. 


*At School*


I parked my car in the parking lot and was grabbing my bag when I noticed a very nice sports car that had just pulled in beside me. Until I noticed who was driving it then I just started walking as fast as I could. I didn't need any drama started before I even step a foot in the doors of this hell hole.


Justin's POV


I woke up to the sound of my mom's voice yelling at me the time. "Get Up Justin!! IT'S 7:30!!" I then rolled out of bed and headed for the bathroom to take a quick shower.


*After shower*


I had a towel wrapped around my lower half and grabbed a white tank top and black pants with supras. I threw a leather jacket over my shoulder only holding it with two fingers and headed down stairs. 


I just grabbed a piece of toast off the plate my mom had fixed and keys to my sliver ferri. I kinda felt bad for not eating anything else that she fixed me but oh well. "Bye Mom" I yelled before I closed the door behind me. 


*At school*


When I pulled in I noticed a pretty girl with long brown hair reaching in her car so I pulled up in the spot next to her hoping she would stay and talk to me. 


As soon as she noticed me she started walking towards the school building fast. She glanced back and then I knew exactly who she was. That was Skylar Jones. 


Me and her used to be best friends but I have no idea what happened. I tried to tell her when I say stuff to her to just ignore it because I have to in order to keep my popularity. That's mostly because she isn't really the most loved person in 11th grade....










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