Truth or Lie?

Callie Jones and a few other guests go to London for the summer. Main reason; to see her family and visit her hometown. Usually on trips, there is that one thing that is not on the agenda. In this case, a romance or two will start to form, a fight or seven might break out, some hypercritical statements and situations, an unknown fact that will shock everyone, and a unique way of meeting five members of the world famous band. But there is one thing wrong with that... Callie isn't too fond of One Direction. So will her summer be all a truth or lie?


8. Chapter 6 1/2

Author's Note:

You don't have to read this chapter if you guys don't want to. I wanted to give a little tour of the house. I felt like describing the house. There is little dialect in this chapter. I wasn't planning on making this chapter this long just describing some rooms. Sorry... I will post another chapter tonight so you won't have to read a chapter that you don't want to :P




My grandma drove us to the house my parents rented for the summer. Grandma pointed to her house on the way and Dad was right, it is just a block from ours. Maybe less.

"Alright you guys," my grandma smiled as she pulled into our driveway for the summer. "I will help you unload and then I will head home. If you need anything, you no where I live," she smiled as she hopped out of the car.

"She said non-creepily," I heard Alexa whisper behind me. She and Eric started to laugh and I cracked a smile.

"Get out of the car and help!" my mom commanded. We all got out of the car and grabbed our suitcases and entered the house. I walked in and gasped at the sight.

A pale yellow hallway that lead into a two-tone, cream and tan, living room with a light wood floor. There were two black couches across from each other and a glass coffee table in the middle. There was a big dark red rug under the coffee table and matching curtains. There was also a black recliner in the middle, like the coffee table. I scanned the room some more and noticed a 50 inch TV mounted on the wall with a TV stand underneath. There was also a bookshelf in the corner. Past the couches, there was a sliding door that leads out to the deck and backyard. I was in awe. I kept looking around and noticed past the sliding door was a little raised flooring with a few steps leading into it. The raised floor leads to the bathroom and a set of stairs that led to the second floor.

"Alright kids. Go pick your rooms," my dad told us. Alexa, Eric, and I looked at each other and smiled. We made our way up the raised floor and up the stairs. I peered down the pale yellow hallway to see about five doors. I know one of them is the master bedroom so that makes the other four bedrooms?

"I want this one!" Alexa squealed. I walked over to the door she was standing in and I had to agree with her. It is a pretty room. It suits her personality. The walls were 3 light purple walls and 1 white wall. The room had white curtains on one of the purple walls. The room was carpeted with a cream color carpet. She had a queen size bed with a dark purple and white pattern in the sheets. The room also had a white dresser and nightstand, a white desk, a door leading to my guess a closet and another door...

"All yours," I smiled. I walked out and saw the door across the hall was opened. I peeked in and saw Eric already unpacking. I laughed and walked to the door that was next to Alexa's room for the summer.

I opened the door and gasped. It was perfect! A queen size bed, like Eric and Alexa's room, except it had a white lace curtain that surrounded it. There were 3 red walls and 1 blue wall, white carpet, and white blinds covering the window. The main design I had to say for the room was 'LONDON.' The room had a white dresser with a bunch of London themed designs on it, same goes for the nightstand and desk. I pushed back the curtain and sat my bags on the England flag blanket. I looked around the room and noticed two doors, like Alexa's. I walked over to the one that was in the corner and opened it. This was a closet. I walked over to the other one that was on the other side of the room and opened it. It was a bathroom! A full bathroom. But the strange thing was, it had two sinks. I looked ahead and noticed a door. I went and opened it.

"Hey Callie... Wait... Callie?" Alexa said confused as she did a double take. I laughed and nodded. This so cool! A bathroom that connects two rooms! I walked out and decided to go see what that other door was. I opened it and it was a full bathroom.

"Eric! This bathroom is all yours!" I yelled at him. Hopefully he heard.

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