Truth or Lie?

Callie Jones and a few other guests go to London for the summer. Main reason; to see her family and visit her hometown. Usually on trips, there is that one thing that is not on the agenda. In this case, a romance or two will start to form, a fight or seven might break out, some hypercritical statements and situations, an unknown fact that will shock everyone, and a unique way of meeting five members of the world famous band. But there is one thing wrong with that... Callie isn't too fond of One Direction. So will her summer be all a truth or lie?


6. Chapter 5

Callie's POV

We picked up Alexa and Eric and were now on our way to the airport. We were talking about what we would do while we are in London. We were so excited for this trip.

"I still can't believe we are going to England for a summer!" Alexa cheered. We all laughed at her excitement.

"London to be exact," Eric corrected. Alexa shot him a glare and I just laughed at them. My mom and dad were having their own conversation up in the front seat.

"I can't wait to see the family again!" my dad said. I could tell he was smiling even though he was staring at the road ahead of him. "It's been so long since I have seen the family."

"It's been so long since we have been to London," I saw my mom smile at him. "You know kids, Steve and I met in London."

"Here we go..." I mumbled and rolled my eyes. Alexa and Eric must have heard me because they were trying to hold in their laughter.

"I was on my way home from the mall when..."

"I need to use the bathroom!" Alexa yelled. I mentally thanked her for interrupting my mother's back-story. She looked over at me and smiled. I gave her one back.

"We are here Alexa," my dad said as he pulled into the airport drop-off area. He put the car in park. "So you can go-" Alexa slammed open the door and ran through the airport doors and disappeared inside. "to the restroom..." my dad looked confused when he saw the door open and Alexa gone.

"How about we start unloading?" Eric spoke up. We all looked at him. My parents nodded and got out of the car. I looked at Eric and he gave me the weirdest look I have ever seen. I busted into laughter and couldn't find the will to stop.

"Are you two going to help or just sit there like bumps on a log?" my mom questioned us.

"Do we have a choice?" Eric asked. My mom sighed. Alexa came running out. Eric and I got out of the car and decided to help my parents with the luggage.


~~~~~After the Plane Ride~~~~~


"UGH!" Alexa groaned, very loudly if I might add. I looked at her and laughed. "Never again!"

"Shut up. And we have to do this again in order to get home," I smiled. Eric came walking up right behind us.

"But I love it here!" she whined. She even stopped her foot like a little five year old. I laughed and so did Eric.
"You love it here?" I questioned. She nodded. "We haven't even got off the plane yet," I laughed.

"So?" she questioned.

"Now, now children," my dad spoke up. He was a few seats in front of Alexa, Eric and I. "Now let’s go. Grandma is waiting," he said as he and my mom passed us with their carry-on and exited the plane. Eric, Alexa and I grabbed our carry-on luggage and followed my parents. It felt so good to stretch out.

We walked through the tunnel that went from the plane to the airport. I followed the crowd out and noticed my parents waiting for us.

"Alright, we have to make a few calls so here is some money for something to eat and we will be by the front doors," my mom said handing us each £32 (about 50 US dollars). We all looked at her confused. "Not sure how much food costs here so... Yeah..." she said then walked off.

"Hey look!" Eric said while grabbing our attention. He pointed to a big group of people. I mean, this was a big group of people. "What's that all about?" he questioned. Just then, Alexa screamed. I jumped and so did Eric. I noticed she was on her phone.

"Like OMG!" she screamed. She was literally jumping up and down. "I know why there is a big crowd over there!" she cheered. Alexa seemed very excited about this. Eric and I gave her a confused look. "One Direction is here! At this very airport!" she squealed. I rolled my eyes. "Come on Eric!" she yelled. She grabbed Eric's hand and yanked him away and they headed towards the very large crowd of people.

"And then there was one..." I mumbled. "And the one left with the luggage..." I sighed. It wasn't much though. I had a backpack while Alexa had a little suitcase, her mom made her use that, and Eric had a small backpack as well. I put Eric's backpack on Alexa's suitcase and walked off to find a bathroom... Or a loo...

I had to walk by the enormous crowd that, my guess, surrounded the five people in a band. I would like to say, yet again, RIP my eardrums. I saw security rush by me and push their way into the crowd. I rolled my eyes and continued to walk on. I had to say though; this is a very big airport. I was walking around and I found a little food court. I decided to go buy a sandwich and water. I went in and grabbed a sandwich and water then walked up to the cash register. I paid the lady and walked off. I could still hear the screaming of the crowd. I needed to use the bathroom but I didn't know where one was.

"Excuse me. Where is the loo?" I asked a passerby. The lady stopped and looked at me.

"Just go around that corner and it will be on your right," she smiled. I gave her a quick thank you and headed off in that direction. I finished my sandwich along the way. I threw away the plastic it was wrapped in then I saw the bathroom. I quickly hurried in and went to the bathroom.

I washed my hands and grabbed our stuff. I walked out of the bathroom and pulled out my phone. No new texts or missed calls. I sighed and pulled out my water bottle. I unscrewed the cap and took a sip. I was about to put the cap back on when someone bumped into me. I felt the cap fall from my hand. I sighed and tried to locate the cap. I found it and bent down to pick it up. As I was bending down to pick it up, I felt something hard slam into my head. I jerked back at the collision. I groaned and placed my hand on my forehead.

"Oh my! I am so sorry Miss," I deep British voice said to me.



Author's Note

So here is another chapter. Sorry if it a tad bit long. I am trying to update when I can. School is pretty crazy now. I mean a few days a week, I am at school from 6:45 in the morning to 8 at night. Yeah... Crazy... So practically, I can only update on weekends but I will try to update whenever I can. Promise.

So if you awesome people could like, comment, and favorite please? I would really appreciate it.


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