Truth or Lie?

Callie Jones and a few other guests go to London for the summer. Main reason; to see her family and visit her hometown. Usually on trips, there is that one thing that is not on the agenda. In this case, a romance or two will start to form, a fight or seven might break out, some hypercritical statements and situations, an unknown fact that will shock everyone, and a unique way of meeting five members of the world famous band. But there is one thing wrong with that... Callie isn't too fond of One Direction. So will her summer be all a truth or lie?


5. Chapter 4

Callie's POV


~~~~~Few Days Later~~~~~


Alexa and Eric were really excited about this trip. I couldn't blame them. I mean, I haven't even been there... Well, I have but I was like 2... Anyways, we leave to head to the airport here in about an hour. Then we have to hang out at the international airport for about an hour then we have an 18 hour plane ride. Fun right? Not sure though. Who knows...? It could be a lot of fun... NOT!

"You all packed sweetie?" I looked up to see my mom at my bedroom door. I did a quick look around my room then back at her.

"Yup!" I smiled while popping the 'p.' My mom smiled back then went downstairs. I walked over to my closet door and opened it. I scanned the almost empty closet, making sure I had most of the clothes in there. I nodded to myself and shut the door. I walked over to my drawers and they were almost empty. I walked away from the drawers and stood in the middle of the room.

"Everything alright?" I jumped and looked over to where the voice came from. I noticed my mother standing in the doorway smiling at me. I sighed in relief.

"Never do that again!" I exclaimed. My mom smiled even bigger. She walked in and sat down on my bed. I crossed over and sat next to her. "It feels like we're moving," I informed her. She nodded.

"I know. But we will be back by the end of the summer. Come on, a little over two months in a new country... Well almost new... You will have fun," she smiled while smoothing down my hair. I couldn't help but smile.

"Yeah... I know. Alexa is probably the most excited about this. She keeps telling me how One Direction will be in London when we are-"

"Aren't they always in London?" my mom questioned. I smiled.

"Not sure. It sounds like it though," I told her. "Anyways, when are we leaving?" I asked. My mom looked down at her watch.

"Well, if you are all ready, we will pack the car up and go pick up Alexa and Eric," she smiled. I nodded. My mom got up and walked out of my bedroom.

"STEVE! START PACKING THE CAR!" she yelled. I smiled at her and heard her walk down the stairs.


I got the eye of the tiger, a fighter,

Dancing through the fire

Cause I am a champion and

You're gonna hear me ROAR


I heard my phone go off. I got up off my bed and walked over to the dresser. I looked at the caller ID and smiled. I slid my finger across the screen to answer the phone and put the phone to my ear.

"Hey Grandma!" I exclaimed. I heard her laugh. I haven't talked to her in forever! International calls cost a good amount, so we picked a day and time each month to talk, and I can't believe I forgot!

"Hey Callie. What's up?" she asked. I glanced around the room and sighed.

"Just finished packing and are about to head to the airport."

"Oh yeah! I forgot you guys leave today. Ready for an 18 hour plane ride?" she asked. I groaned and she laughed. "I know. But at least you will be staying for the summer. You guys got the house already?"

"Yeah. Dad said it is about a block from yours so we will be able to walk there every day." I smiled. I could tell she was too.

"Excellent! Now I just remembered... I am going to have to take you out clubbing on your birthday," she informed me.

"What? Clubbing? I'm not old enough."

"You will be here. In England, you have to be 18 to drink and go to clubs and bars. And since you will be 18 in a couple of weeks, I thought I would take you!" she squealed. I laughed. "Don't worry. I used to take your dad and his friends clubbing all the time when he was younger. And I take your cousin and his friends all the time."

"Alright Grandma," I laughed.

"CALLIE! YOU READY TO GO?!" I heard my dad yell. I looked towards the door then at my suitcases. I then turned my attention back to my call.

"Hey Grandma, I got to go. We have to go pick up my friends then we are off to the airport," I informed her.

"Alright Callie. I'll meet you guys at the airport. See you tomorrow. Love you!" she yelled. I laughed.

"Love you too Grandma," I told her. She gave me a quick goodbye then hung up. I stuffed my iPhone into my pocket and walked over to my suitcases. I picked them up and carried them downstairs. My dad was waiting for me. He took one of my suitcases and walked outside. I followed him out and noticed the car... It wasn't ours.

"It will fit everyone's suitcases," my dad laughed. He must have noticed my confusion. "It's from work," he said. I nodded and walked over to the car. He grabbed my suitcase and set it in. I looked back at the house and smiled.

'Alright! Let’s go!" my dad exclaimed. I laughed and walked over to the back door. I hopped in and sat in the seat behind my mom.

'Ready?" she asked with a smile. I smiled and nodded. "Let’s go pick up Alexa and Eric," she told my dad. He nodded and started the car. I watched the house disappear from view. I leaned back and sighed a happy sigh.

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