Truth or Lie?

Callie Jones and a few other guests go to London for the summer. Main reason; to see her family and visit her hometown. Usually on trips, there is that one thing that is not on the agenda. In this case, a romance or two will start to form, a fight or seven might break out, some hypercritical statements and situations, an unknown fact that will shock everyone, and a unique way of meeting five members of the world famous band. But there is one thing wrong with that... Callie isn't too fond of One Direction. So will her summer be all a truth or lie?


13. Chapter 11

I had just arrived at the beach that I had gone to yesterday, then ended up at a stranger's house... But anyways, today was a nice day for the beach as well. I parked the car and grabbed my bag before turning off the car and hopping out. I started walking towards the beach in search of my friends. I saw lots of people playing in the water, tanning, playing Frisbee and other sports... The usual things you find at the beach. As I was walking, I kept looking around for Alexa and Eric. I mean it should be easy to spot Alexa because her bikini is very bright. No joke...

"Ugh... Where are you Alexa and Eric?" I mumbled to myself. I kept looking around to try and spot them. There were a good amount of people here at 10 in the morning. From what I have heard, London tends to have some pretty gloomy weather... No wonder there are a good amount of people here. I kept walking and looking around trying to spot them. I glanced at my phone once and a while to see if they texted me and I got nothing. I sighed and just stopped. I decided to take off my black flip-flops and threw them into the bag I brought. I let the hot sand fill between my toes. I haven't been to a beach in a while due to school. I glanced down at my phone and noticed no new texts or calls. I decided to text Alexa and Eric.


By the time I looked up, I was already flying to the ground. I landed with a loud THUD even though I am in the sand. I closed my eyes as I landed on my back and my head slammed into the ground. I breathed in, only to have no air. The wind was knocked out of my and let me just tell you, this is not a pleasant feeling.

"Holy shit!" I heard a frantic, British voice gasp. "Are you ok?"

I just lay in the sand with my eyes shut and trying to breathe. I tried to ignore the pain that was starting to intensify in my head but that wasn't working. Focus on your breathing or the pain on your head? I don't even classify this as a headache.

"Uh... Hello? Are you alive?" the frantic, British voice asked. I could tell that he was trying to be funny. I think I let out a groan but I couldn't tell. I just laid in the sand letting my breath try and get back to normal. "Hello?" I heard the voice again. I groaned. Then I felt myself being rocked. Was he shaking me?

"Stop," I groaned. He stopped. I decided to open my eyes to see who this person was. I noticed a pair of dashing blue green eyes. The person's light brown hair was left hanging down in his face.

"YOU'RE ALIVE!!!" he yelled happily, in my ear might I add. He continued to shake me as he yelled. My upper half of my body was then lifted off the sand and into the person's arms and pressed against his chest. This wasn't helping my headache what so ever.

"Let go," I groaned again. The guy quickly let me go. It caught me off guard as I fell to the sand yet again. I decided to just lay there and close my eyes yet again. It was quiet... Too quiet for my liking... I opened my eyes to see that person who tackled me hovering over me. I let out an ear piercing scream, not caring that I was at a public beach. The person dramatically flew back onto the sand. I did a quick glance around the beach to see if anyone was staring, and thankfully no one was.

"What is wrong with you?!" the frantic, British guy asked me. I gave him a 'what's wrong with me?!' look.

"What's wrong with me?! What about you?! I didn't tackle you to the ground then randomly shake you while screaming that you were alive and then hovered not even a foot away from your face waiting for you to open your eyes!" I yelled. I was now sitting up. Air seemed to be entering my lungs now. The guy just looked at me. His blue green eyes staring at me. Silence filling the air.

"Thank you," he spoke. I snapped me head up to look at the person, who was now sitting cross legged in the sand. I gave him a puzzling look. "For catching my fall," he smiled. I gave him another puzzled look.

"LOUIS!" an all too familiar voice yelled. I groaned as I saw a person with curly hair and another with blonde hair running towards me and the guy, who I assume his name is Louis. I groaned, yet again, and flopped down in the sand, yet again,

"Louis! What did you do this time?" I heard an Irish voice ask the guy who tackled me. I mentally screamed in my head as I realized my realization was correct.

"I didn't do anything! I was going to get our ball and I found her like that!" Louis exclaimed to his two friends. I propped myself on my elbows and glared at Louis then the other two.

"You are such a freaking liar," I spoke directly towards the tackler. He turned to look at me with wide eyes.

"Callie?" curly asked me, having all attention on me. I ignored him and the other stares from the two other boys and turned my attention back to the tackler.

"I was walking by when I was about to text my friends when I was suddenly on the ground," I told him. Louis rubbed the back of his neck with embarrassment as I told the truth to the other two boys.

"You guys know her?" Louis asked the other two boys standing behind him, completely ignoring the truth I spoke. I rolled my eyes at all of them. I was now sitting up straight looking between the three boys.

"Yeah. Leprechaun here slammed a car door on her head," Harry said while pointing to Niall as he showed an embarrassed smile.

"Yeah... And Sexy Curls here slammed a bathroom door on her head at the airport a couple days ago," Niall attacked back at Harry. Both of them laughed a bit at their reference to their names they used for my phone.

"And now, I tackled her to the ground. Probably hitting her head in the process?" Louis spoke then turned to me for an answer. I nodded. His eyes widened a bit. "Well... You just met 3/5 of One Direction and we all met you in a hurtful way," Louis laughed trying to fill the silence. I gave him a glare. He then stood up and offered me his hand. I brushed it off and got up myself, stumbling a bit. Louis quickly grabbed my arm to make sure I don't fall.

"I need to find my friends," I told the three boys that were continuing to stare at me. I gently got my arm out of Louis' grip. I gave them a small nod goodbye then walked away.




Author's Note

Hello... Readers. (still thinking of a special name for all you pretty people) Maybe diamonds? Carrots? Pigeons! I don't know. Let me think. Unless you have any suggestions...

So, Callie just met Louis! He is just so full of spirit and always try to make people laugh and smile even though Callie didn't find it too amusing.

Who do you think she will meet next? Did I tell you? Oh well if I did. You will get the answer correct then :D

I would love to read your comments. Anything you want. I love reading them.


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