Tell me a Lie

17 year old Kylie Racer has been waiting for this her whole life. She is following her dream of becoming a singer. She auditions for the X-Factor UK. Little did she know the guest judge this is the famous British boy band One Direction. She doesn't like as much as other people their song are okay but to they are just some British snobs. What happens when they fall in live with her? Will she fall in love with them back? Will she continue following her dream? Or wills he straight out tell them a lie? Read to find out!


1. X-Factor auditions

"After the break, we have a girl from New York city so stay tuned!" ( After the break.)

"Here is Kylie Racer!" "Hello Kylie, how old are you love?" "17 what's it to you?" I look over at them to see the expressions on their face. The curly haired one takes the time to wink at me. "Anyway I'm guessing your not from around here are you?" "How did you know!" I say with a dumb look on my face. "Because of you accent darling." "Clearly you don't get the idea of sarcasm darling." They look like they are getting mad haha how fun! "Can you please stop with the sarcasm." "Sorry your majesty." I say while bowing. "Do you know who we are?" The guy with the black hair said "Nope and I don't want to know, but i have a feeling your going to tell me anyway" "We are One Direction." The one eating the carrot says. "I'm Niall, I'm Louis, I'm Harry, I'm Zayn, And I'm Liam." "Oh now I know who you are!" "The girls at my school say they are so dreamy but, I think they you guys are just fakes." I simply say like it's no big deal. "Whatever what are you singing?" Zayn says "Cruise, look can I just start so I don't have to waist anymore time with you losers." "Fine.... begin."

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