Tell me a Lie

17 year old Kylie Racer has been waiting for this her whole life. She is following her dream of becoming a singer. She auditions for the X-Factor UK. Little did she know the guest judge this is the famous British boy band One Direction. She doesn't like as much as other people their song are okay but to they are just some British snobs. What happens when they fall in live with her? Will she fall in love with them back? Will she continue following her dream? Or wills he straight out tell them a lie? Read to find out!


3. Cuts

I grab the razor outta my purse. "This is for not doing my best tonight!" I say as I make a deep cut into my wrist. "This is for not having the perfect voice!" I say as another deep cut goes in my wrist. "And this is for getting involved with One Direction!" I say as I make my deepest cut of all. My wrist are stinging like crazy but, I deserve the pain I brought upon myself. When I was done cutting all the contestants were done performing so it was time to make my way back on stage for the elimination. As I make my way back on stage I see Louis staring at my wrist. I quickly Hide my cuts behind my back. "Okay we decided the person going home tonight will be Emily Tanner." Harry says. "What why me, I thought I did pretty good." Emily said with a frown on her face. "Oh you did dear it's just you were a bit off pitch that's all." Liam says. "Oh okay, well before I go can I have a picture with you guys?" "Sure thing love!" Zayn says with a caring smile on his face how fake is that. They take the picture and then Emily leaves. "See ya next week where a lucky contestant will get to perform One Directions new song with One Direction!" Lucky more like unlucky if you ask me. As I make my way outside I run into Louis. "Oh hey Kylie." Louis says with a grin on his face. "Hey" I say with a less amused expression on my face. "You were amazing on stage tonight." "Thanks." I say. "In fact when you were up stage I couldn't help but notice you got some cuts on your wrist." "Care to tell me how you got them?" He said with a sad expression on his face. I look down at my wrist. "My um cat clawed me very bad." "Look I got to go." I say making my way to a cab to go to my hotel room. (15 min later) As i make my way into the hotel building there are a lot of paparazzi in the building. "Why is there all these people here?" I ask the hotel manager. "Oh didn't you here!" "One Direction chose to stay in this hotel until X-Factor is over with." The manager says with a happy expression on his face. "You got to be fudging kidding me!" I yell. Then of course all the paparazzi turn to me. This just keeps getting better.

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