Tell me a Lie

17 year old Kylie Racer has been waiting for this her whole life. She is following her dream of becoming a singer. She auditions for the X-Factor UK. Little did she know the guest judge this is the famous British boy band One Direction. She doesn't like as much as other people their song are okay but to they are just some British snobs. What happens when they fall in live with her? Will she fall in love with them back? Will she continue following her dream? Or wills he straight out tell them a lie? Read to find out!


4. Bruises

"Kylie what do you think about One Direction?" A person yells. "Get outta my way!" I yell as the lights keep flashing in my eyes. "Do you have a liking for any of them?" "No way gag." I say while gagging. "Kylie do you think your going to win the X-Factor?" Another person says. "I don't know." I say pushing my way through the crowd. "People move!" I yell. I finally make my way out and run to my hotel room. "Well that was fun." I say to myself. As i make my way inside I notice bunk beds in my room and a note on the bed. I open the note to find that it is from Ryan. (the hotel manager)

Dear Kylie

Since you room is bigger than the other rooms, you will be sharing this room with five other people. You already know them so it's not like they will be strangers to you. Please try to get along with them. I don't want complaints from the other guest.

Sincerely Ryan

What other people is he talking about? Oh well I guess I will find out soon. I decided to take a shower before the people arrive, so I turn on some music and start singing. Bruises comes on. "I love this song!"

"These Bruises make for better conversations." "Loses the vibe that separates." "It's good to let you in again." "Your not alone in how you've been." "Everybody loses." "We all got bruises."

(15 min later) I'm outta the shower and I wrap the towel and head out of the bathroom. "KYLIE!" I hear someone scream. Wait not just someone. Five someones. I look up to see Liam, Harry, Zayn, Louis, and Niall. Who all have a big smiles on there faces."This is the best day of my life!" Harry says. I give him a death glare. "Nice singing by the way!" Niall says to me. Great, just great.

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