Date with Destiny

Sisters Sophie and Zoe have won tickets to a concert, to see One Direction. Being old enough to go by them selves, (Soph- 21, Zoe-20) their parents said that they would pay for their trip, and hotel. All goes the good the concert is great, but destiny takes a step into action and some how the girls wildest dreams come true, taking them for a ride of their dreams. ~~~~~ i don't really know what else to put in this story..... so just read it and find out what happens i guess! :) hope you guys like it!! Please like and favorite! that's what keeps me motivated to write more!! xxx love you guys! thanks!


2. Great night!

Sophie's POV

I pick up one of my now soggy shirts off of the hanger, and squeeze the water out of it. "Would you like some help with that love?" i hear a husky voice say. Without turning around i reply, "Well that would be just jolly! Cherrio!" with a smile. "Are you trying to imitate me!" Harry says as he take another one of my shirts off the hanger, squeezing the water, then tossing it into my suit case. "Bloody right i am!" i say in my best british accent. Harry tries to look offended. "You know what happens to people who make fun of me?" He asks and i shake my head no, throwing my last shirt into my suit case. "This.." Harry says and kicks a whole bunch of water at me, soaking my outfit! "HARRY!" i shout. I grab the bucket off my desk, used to retrieve ice with, and filled it with water, "NO! NO SOPH NO!!!" Harry says and i smile, dumping it onto his head. "That's it!" Harry says playfully, and charges at me, tackling me to into the water on the floor. We splash water at each other, and by the time we finally get tired, Harry looks like a drowned poodle! I move closer to him, and brush one of his curls to the side of his face. He smiled, and brushed his thumb over my cheek. We both lean in, and were about to kiss when i hear the familiar voice say, "Umm... so apparently you didnt get much packing done huh?" Me and Harry pull away, and he helps me up. "Actually we finished!" I smirk at Zoe. Harry and Zayn help us up to our new rooms. It's now 3:00 and the concert starts in just a few hours, so Zoe and I hurry out to the mall to get our outfits. By the time we get back, and get ready to go, we had just a few minutes to spare. I ended up wearing

a navy blue button down, jean shorts, blue heels, my brown across the chest purse, and some cute bracelet's and rings. I wore my hair down and straight, and put on only liner, mascara and gloss. Zoe wore, 

A black booster, silver skinny jeans, silver hoop earrings, her favorite pink perfume that luckily didnt get ruined, some nice black and white heels, a cute bracelet, and liner and gloss. We headed out the door of our room, and went to go to our cab waiting out side when Harry and Louis came running over. "Hey! Were are you girl's going?" Zayn asks, and Zoe and I shrug. "To our cab?" Zoe says and i nod. "Um noooo! Come with us!" Harry says taking my hand and i notice that Zayn has Zoe's. "You look very nice!" Harry says in my ear as we make our way over to the door where their body guard is waiting to escort them to the limo. "Ready?" Harry asks me and i nod. We make our way out side to be over whelmed with paparazzi. I lifted me head up high, and we carefully made our way over to the limo. When we get inside, Zoe and I both breath. "Wow...." The boys all laugh. " i'm Sophie, and this is my sister Zoe..." I say to the boys. "It's a pleasure meeting you!" Louis says. "Harry and Zayn wouldn't shut up about you the entire day!" Liam says. Harry and Zayn both blush. Suddenly the car stops and Niall opens up the door. We are in a garage. "Jerry will escort you guys to your seats, hope you enjoy the show!" Harry says and he kiss's me on the cheek. "Good luck!" I shout back to him, and we are escorted to our now front row seats. "Um.. these aren't our tickets?" Zoe says."Mr. Styles and Mr. Malik insisted that you are seated here." Jerry said and we thank him. A few minutes later the concert starts, and the boys come out on stage. The crowd goes wild, and they sing a few songs. When little things comes on, Harry and Zayn come into the crowd, and sing directly at me and Zoe. The hole crowd goes wild. The rest of the concert was amazing! A few people came up to us and asked us for autographs! Zoe and I had a really good time! When the stadium finally emptied, Jerry came back to find us and bring us to the limo where the boys were waiting. We get into the limo, and shout, "THAT WAS AMAZING!" We are shocked when we hear a voice we were not expecting. "Glad you enjoyed it! No shut up and put your wrists and feet together if you want to live."

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