Date with Destiny

Sisters Sophie and Zoe have won tickets to a concert, to see One Direction. Being old enough to go by them selves, (Soph- 21, Zoe-20) their parents said that they would pay for their trip, and hotel. All goes the good the concert is great, but destiny takes a step into action and some how the girls wildest dreams come true, taking them for a ride of their dreams. ~~~~~ i don't really know what else to put in this story..... so just read it and find out what happens i guess! :) hope you guys like it!! Please like and favorite! that's what keeps me motivated to write more!! xxx love you guys! thanks!


1. Consider It A Favor

Sophie's POV

"Yes mum, we're fine! Yes! We just arrived at the hotel! I will call you before the concert! We are about to check in!" I say to my mum as we arrive at the hotel in a yellow taxi. "Soph!! Come on!!!!" Zoe says pulling my arm. "Kay, bye mum! love you!" I say and hang up the phone. I hand the taxi driver the money, and he smiles. "Thank.You." But doesn't move. I give him a fake smile then glance at Zoe. "Ya move along buddy! Nothin' to see here!" She says then pushes him down the side walk. "So i'll be waiting out side the building at 6:30 to bring you girls to the concert?" He shouts as Zoe continues to shove him. "Ya, we will see ya then!" She says and gives him one final shove towards the door of his cab. He gives a fake smile at her then jumps into his car and drives off. I glance at the time on my IPhone. "Well it's 1:00 now.... let's go check in!" i say grabbing my suit case and towing it into the giant hotel. "Mum and Dad really didn't have to go so first class..." Zoe says looking around and i nod in agreement. "Tell me about it!" I say and look around the hotel as well. We walk over to the front desk. "Hello! Do you have a room already booked?" The lady behind the desk ask's me. I nod and pull out all of our forms my mum put in my purse. "My last name is Clover." I say. The lady quickly types something into the computer and smiles, "Ah! Reservation for Sophie Clover! Here, sign these forms right here and we will be all set." She says handing me a few papers and a pen. I take the pen from her hand and sign my name on each paper. The lady smiles yet again and hands us the room key. "You are room 677, floor 6! Enjoy your stay!" I take the key from her hand and we hobble over to the elevator. "I still don't understand why mum put it in your name!" Zoe says for the millionth time. I look at her aggravated, and she winks at me playfully. "I swear Soph, everywhere i go, guys are starring at you.... it makes ME! feel self conscious!" She says to me and i laugh. "Zoe you have so many guys come knocking at our door step to talk to you dad has to bring his shot gun with him every time he answers the door!" We both chuckle at the thought. "Dad must of scared our poor mail man half to death!" Just then the elevator dings, and Zoe grabs the key out of my hand and books it down the hall to our room. By the time i finally get my bag out the door i hear a scream. I race down the hallway to our room to see Zoe standing in the door way, he bag landed on the floor. I look up and see the largest hotel room i have ever seen in my life! I drop my bag beside Zoe's then said," OH.MY.GOD!" We both squeal and run around the hotel room in and out of each room, so excited to be in such a nice room. Finally after about an hour of running and squealing and dancing around we unpack our bags in our rooms and decide to grab a quick bite to eat. I grab my room key off the table and Zoe grabs hers, and we head down stairs to the little pizza place built into our hotel. We decide to take it up with us. When i go to go grab my key, i realize that it must of fallen out, so i give my pizza to Zoe to bring in, and i head back down stairs to get another one. By the time i get back up to our room, Zoe is standing in a pool of water on the floor, and its starting to leak into the hallway. I run in and see Zoe standing on the couch in the living room with a broom, pounding the ceiling with it. Music is blaring from up stairs. I grab the other broom, and start pounding on the roof as well. Finally the music stops and we hear a voice. "Ello?" I look at Zoe and she shrugs. "Hey Jerk! You flooded our hotel!" She says and i giggle. "OH SHIT!" We hear, then, "Bloody hell Harry!" We hear a hole bunch of stomping, then a knock at our door. I answer the door, to see Harry Styles and Zayn Malik standing at our door step. "Oh! Well hello there!" Harry says taken aback. "Who the hell is it Soph!" Zoe shouts running around the corner. "You?" She says. "You flooded our hotel room! Now where the fuck are we supposed to sleep! We've got no bloody money and no we have no where to sleep!" Zoe says and i'm shocked. Apparently so are the boys because their eyes tell all. "Zo, im sure it was just an accident! It's no biggie, we can just call..." I say but Harry cuts her off. "Non sence! It's my fault! I left the tub running too long and it flooded! I am very sorry! My band mates and i have rented the entire floor. Im sure you guys wouldn't mine taking one of the rooms up there? I mean... it's just us, but I don't think you would mind?" Harry says with a wink. "But we dont have any money and..." I say but Harry cuts me off again. "Consider it a favor!" I look over at Zayn who is just starring at Zoe. "But all of our outfits! And what are we going to wear tonight Soph!" She says and Harry hands me his credit card. "Again... a favor!" he says with a wink and my jaw drops. "Here! Let me formally introduce my self! I am Harry Styles, and this is my buddy Zayn Malik!" I smile and say. "Hello! My name is Sophie but everyone calls me Soph and this is my sister.." But Zoe cuts me off. "Zoe... My name is Zoe." I smile at her. "Well how about we help you bring up your things, and we will call the front desk to arrange everything?" Harry says, and Zoe and I smile. "That would be great!" We both say at the same time, and Zayn and Harry chuckle.

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