It's a love riot.

Amy is a girl from England after a fatal car accident involving her parents she is sent to America to live with her uncle Paul anwho just so happens to be the manager to One Direction, and her cousin Harry, little does she know how her life is about to change..


1. Moving and arriving.

My uncle Paul, and cousin Harry lived in America. therefor i had only met them three times, the first time was at my dads 50th birthday, the second at  my mums 50th and the third time was at their funeral, I didn't want to go and live with strangers, that were some how blood related. " Amy ?! Are you ready to go?! " uncle Paul shouted up the stairs, he had stayed in England for two weeks with me after the funeral, helping to pack or sell items and furniture from my parents big London flat, " Yeah ill be down in a minute " I turned to look at my room one last time, and flowed down the stairs with my suitcase, I already had two in the car and those were much bigger, and full of my clothes and cherished items


As we drove away from the only home I know I felt another piece of me fade, softly away..

"I know your gonna like it in America ! " Uncle Paul began. I jumped started out of my own thoughts! " oh sorry sweet, I didn't mean to scare ya" 

" oh it's fine I was just .. Thinking " 

" I can't wait for you to meet the boys , you will be spending a lot of time with them, ya know the are staying at our house its very big you will even have your own room!"

" great" I was genuinely pleased about that I usually keep my self to myself ,also I loved one direction and Harry was a lot of fun


The plane ride was long but it gave me time to sleep, I hadn't been sleeping well recently. Uncle Paul woke me just before we landed "we are here sweet" he announced 

"Oh thank you "  I began  but cut myself off because I hated turbulence..

 After we had collected our bags, got in the car, arrived at uncle Paul's house, I was finishing unpacking when a familiar face peeped around the door " HARRY ! I haven't seen you in ages ..

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