It's a love riot.

Amy is a girl from England after a fatal car accident involving her parents she is sent to America to live with her uncle Paul anwho just so happens to be the manager to One Direction, and her cousin Harry, little does she know how her life is about to change..


2. Meeting the boys.



" hey Amy common the garden ! " uncle Paul shouted 

" OK, one sec" I called, I had gone upstairs to get changed, because I thought we were going out to meet to boys, I flowed down the stairs and walked into the garden, I was shocked to fine one direction on the patio in garden chairs, they all stood and were very polite, Louis kissed my cheek and made me blush, Harry and Niall both hugged me at the same time, Liam was very polite and went to shake my hand but instead took my hand and spun me int his cheats and out again in a dance move, Zayn gave me a very sweet hug and kissed my hand, I was very flattered   


Over dinner I got to know them much better, Louis was funny, Niall was sweet, and always hungry, Zayn was kind, but had a strong personality and Harry was more mysterious but open.

When we arrived home I showered and lay on my bed, I began fiddling with the charm on my necklace an A in small crystals, mum bought it for me the day befor the accident, I began to cry. Thinking of mum and dad, and home, I started to sob, I had forgotten that the boys were staying here, suddenly there was a knock at the door, I tried to wipe my eyes But for every tear I wiped away another came back " what's wrong" Louis cried

" I'm fine, it doesn't matter" I said

"it does to me" his voice softened 

" I... I.. I was just thinking a..about my p..parents "

" oh I'm so sorry, I didn't know" he fluttered 

" no no it's fine" I said steadily 

" do you want me to stay ? " he asked 

" I .. I don't mind" 

" I'll stay then " he lay down next to me 


Louis point of view~


i was so worried, I didn't know her very well but I hated seeing her cry, she is very nice and beautiful, the boys think so too but I don't think they think of her like I do, Harry came to the door, 

"Louis where are you ?!" He called  his head popping around the door

" shhh she's asleep!" 

" what's going on ?" He said softly but still quite loud

" you know Paul told us why Amy was coming ?"

" Yeah, ohh was she upset ? "

I take my hand and use my finger to make the trail of a tear down my face so Harry knew she had been crying, and nodded, 

" I'm gonna stay with her ok ?" 

" that's fine mate" Harry left 

i fell asleep holding her in my arms, I think I was falling for this girl.. This stranger.

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