Fate, hmm?

Julie's life isn’t going the way she hoped it would when she moved to London. She has a under paid job which requires her full attention, she’s living in a tiny flat with two other room mates and her love life is a mess! But when she goes to sleep every night she dreams of a man. Her mystery man. Only maybe he isn’t such a mystery when she bumps into a familiar face…


2. My life has changed forever

His kiss. His full lips on mine. Like we were the only two people in the world, like gravity couldn’t hold us down. His hands grasped my face, looking deep into my eyes as I looked into his. We didn’t speak, just stared into each other’s eyes like we could see right into our souls. I felt like I was about to burst, I had so much love for him. I wanted to cry yet at the same time scream, so much emotion inside of me. He ran his hands up and down my body, but kept his eyes on mine. He nuzzled at my neck, biting me and causing a sharp pain to run through my body. I gasped and he licked the spot, soothing it with his tongue. ‘That’s better.’ I whispered and he looked at me, giving me his famous half smile.
      My eyes flew open, realising I was alone in the dark. It had been so real, more real than the other times. He was really with me, or maybe I was just losing my mind.
     I lay still for what seemed like quite a while before getting up to get my usual glass of water. My reflection showed panda eyes where I’d forgotten to take my make up off before going to bed. I tiptoed into the living room to see Sarah where I’d left her, on the couch with two empty bottles of wine on the floor. I covered her up with the blanket before rummaging around for my phone; he had promised he’d call.
    And sure enough I had two missed calls from Joe. ‘Ugh, I’m such an idiot.’ I whispered, regretting putting my phone on silent when I got home so I could get seriously drunk with the girls. Maybe if I sent him a text explaining it? ‘Hey, sorry I accidently put my phone on silent, sorry!!’ And send. I actually cared about this one after meeting him the other day, there was just something about him.
    Joe was the man who accidentally hit me with the door in the coffee shop. After he had helped me I sat down with him and he bought me a cup of tea and we chatted for a bit. He was from Yorkshire like me and completely and utterly gorgeous! He looked so familiar but at the same time I couldn’t place his face. After about forty five minutes I told him I had to go and he asked for my number, saying he couldn’t miss out on a chance like this. I was shocked that someone like him would find a girl like me attractive but.. I guess so.
    When I got home I’d decided not to tell the girls and Chris who was still here about him as my relationships didn’t work out often and I didn’t want to raise false hope. So Sarah had convinced me to put my phone and shut out the whole world while we drank. Luckily, Kate and I know our limit and know when to stop but Sarah continued and passed out drunk. Chris stayed with her until he had to leave for work at seven, which was pretty decent of him.
   Suddenly my phone pinged and Joe had replied to my text. ‘Hi! It’s fine, would you like to meet up sometime? I had a great time meeting you and would love to do it again if you’re interested?’ His text shocked me and I felt a happy warm buzz run through me.
‘Sure! I’d love too! How about 8 ish tomorrow night?’ Maybe it was too soon to reply to his text but I felt so eager to get plans sorted out. Literally, about a minute later I got a text back. ‘Okay great! See you then!’ I smiled happily to myself and put the sound back on my phone.
     ‘How’s she doing?’ Kate asked in her usual formal tone. She worked as a lawyer and was extremely serious looking. But getting to know her you see her funny and bouncy self which was well hidden under her black suit and neat hair do. It’d take alcohol and a lot of it so see her relaxed self. ‘Still asleep, check if she’s alive will you?’ Kate laughed and knelt beside the couch where Sarah slept. ‘Hey sleeping beauty’ She shook her a little and Sarah groaned. ‘Yup. Still alive. What time did that guy leave?’ She stood up and went to check her appearance in full length mirror. Still neat as a pin.
‘Who Chris? It was about an hour or so ago. Woke me up. But it was nice of him to stay with her, I hope she doesn’t treat this one like the rest.’ I handed her a piece of toast and started to clean up the pizza boxes from last night. ‘Thanks and yeah, me too he seemed so sweet, poor thing.’ She gave a girlish giggle and glanced over to where Sarah was sleeping, looking so innocent. Ha!
     ‘I met a guy yesterday…’ I mumbled looking sheepishly at her.
‘What!! Why didn’t you tell me? Who is he?’ She said looking up from her breakfast with wide eyes. I smiled and started to fill her in on the details.
    Milk, tomatoes, bread, butter? No we have butter. I had offered to do the grocery shop as Kate was working and Sarah had a hangover. I had left her snuggled up on the couch with her duvet, popcorn and a desperate housewives episode on the T.V. I hated doing the food shopping, I never knew what to buy and I hated how everyone looked so miserable.
    But it did mean I could go over the road and find something new for my date tomorrow night. Casual or formal? I think I’d go with a simple black dress or something, nothing too fancy. I walked round the supermarket in a bit of a dream. What would we talk about? Would he pay? Would he compliment me? What would he wear? I could imagine him in some smart trousers and a jumper. Looking like sex on legs…
   ‘Julie?’ I quickly came back out of my trans to find Joe stood in front of me, smiling.
‘Hi! Sorry I was in my own little world.’ I laughed a little and could feel my face slowly turning red.
‘Yeah I could see that!’ He said laughing, ‘So, I should let you get back to what you were doing’ He looked at my basket and grinned at me. ‘What? Oh yeah well I’ll see you tomorrow then.’
‘Yeah, been nice bumping into you anyway and I can’t wait for tomorrow. I know a great place.’
‘Oh great, that’s great well I’ll see you then, bye, Joe’. He lifted his hand and smiled as I walked up the next aisle. My stomach was doing flips but I felt happy. I liked him, I really liked him.
    When I got back to the flat I unpacked the groceries then went into my room and locked the door to try on my new outfit. I’d been to M&S and bought a black knee length dress then clung to me perfectly. Then I’d bought a pair of black heels that looked great with the dress. And there was Sarah’s silver clutch bag I knew she’d let me borrow if I asked her. I couldn’t wait! This could be the start of something big!

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