Fate, hmm?

Julie's life isn’t going the way she hoped it would when she moved to London. She has a under paid job which requires her full attention, she’s living in a tiny flat with two other room mates and her love life is a mess! But when she goes to sleep every night she dreams of a man. Her mystery man. Only maybe he isn’t such a mystery when she bumps into a familiar face…


1. Just a normal day

He held me down and climbed on top of me.  Kissing me all over then sucking, biting my neck. It felt so good. He whispered over and over again, ‘I love you’. I looked deep into his ocean blue eyes as he ripped my shirt off.  I wanted to savour this moment so badly. He took in my body, looking me up and down but never meeting my gaze. He made his way down my chest, laying tiny kisses as he went. He unbuttoned then removed my jeans so quickly. I felt the usual tingling feeling, it felt so right. He placed both of his big, soft hands on my thighs and stared hungrily at my panties. ‘Take them off’’ I commanded. Right then he moved his eyes back up my body and looked at me. Then he gave his beautiful half smile like I was in his favourite person in the whole wide world.
        Then, I woke up.
I lay, gasping for air, sweat pouring from my forehead. My hair was damp to touch. But I felt happy.  He was there again, my man from my dreams who came to me every night. Who was he? What did this mean?
  I crawled out of bed and pattered out to the bathroom for a glass of water. Then I combed my hair and stared longingly into my reflection at my tired eyes and pale skin. I hated doing this every night. I loved seeing the man in my dreams but I hated waking up, I hadn’t had a full good night’s sleep in weeks.
     Clambering back into bed, I glanced at the clock. 5:30. Was there any point in attempting to sleep just for an extra half an hour? I sighed and reached for my phone on the bedside table and deleted my set alarm.
      I really couldn’t be bothered with work, not on a Friday. I hated getting the two buses into the city centre like I had been doing for almost three years. The pay defiantly wasn’t worth it, I could barely afford the rent with two other roommates which made our small apartment much more fun to live in.
      Half an hour later I was up , dressed and fully made up with natural looking make up. I hated going over the top with eyeliner and lip gloss. It’s not like I had anyone to impress, the man I loved was just in my head. Downstairs, I poured myself my usual freshly squeezed orange juice, shoved two slices of toast in the toaster and grabbed a chocolate chip muffin.
    I looked over into the living room to see a t-shirt and a pair of Calvin Klein boxer shorts on the couch. Great, Sarah had a ‘guest’ round again. She was forever having men round at all hours of the night, but she had no trouble getting them. She had flawlessly beautiful tanned skin and a face to die for. She’s always being mistaken for a model with her high cheek bones and big green eyes whenever we go out. I’d love to be like her. She finds it all so easy.
    I ate my toast and gulped down my orange juice. Then I was out of the flat with my coat on, bag on arm and muffin in my hand by 6:10. I may actually be at work on time for once if I hurried. I practically ran down the two flights of stairs and out of the main door into the already busy street of London. 
    I moved to London when I was nineteen from Leeds. I love the rush and all the different types of people. I miss Leeds occasionally and try to get home as much as I can but I just don’t have the time. I missed my mum’s birthday last week as my boss needed help with the magazine issue getting out and me, being his assistant had to be there 24/7. I apologized about fifty times and promised I’d make it down in a couple of months and we could celebrate properly then but obviously that wasn’t good enough for my mother. I never was good enough anyway.
      ‘Hey Jack.’ I said to the doorman of my work building twenty minutes later. He grinned back at me and waved. ‘Hey sweetheart, fine morning isn’t it?’ He laughed staring up at the sky where grey clouds formed over the darkness of the buildings shadowing us.  ‘Yup. Typical English weather! Talk to you later’ I ran inside lifting an arm back to him as I reached the elevator. Mark, my editor boss’s other assistant smiled or rather smirked at me as he too got in. ‘He wants to see you. It’s… urgent apparently.’ Mark told me, smiling to himself as he said it. He was always so full of himself, often forgetting he was just an assistant. ‘Right’ I nodded trying to stay calm and not give out I was scared shitless right now. My boss never wanted to talk to us. He just gave us orders as he walked past our small corner desks. I knew what was coming, they’d been talking about it all week.
    ‘Julie, you’re fired.’ Mr Thokes said calmly looking directly into my eyes. Even though I was expecting it, It still hit me as a shock. He’d never liked me. He used to flirt a little with me as an innocent little thing but after he caught me and the junior editor in a bit of a ‘situation’ in the copy room he’d decided to hold it against me. ‘But.. I’ve been her longer than Mark. Why am I fired and not him? He’s late bringing your coffee, never gets the printing orders right and is, just… hopeless. I’m always by your side. Please, I need this job.’ I begged him my voice breaking as I spoke making it obvious I was about to burst into tears. But no. No sympathy for me. ‘I’m sorry Julie. But you’ve been here far too long than an editor’s assistant is supposed and I kept you on because I knew your troubles. But I can’t anymore. I suggest you pack your things and leave quietly, I’ll do my best to get you a bonus on your wage.’ A tear ran down my cheek as I stood, staring at the ground while he got back to his work. I slowly turned around and walked out of the office, keeping my head down.
   I packed my stapler, note pad and pencils into my bag and left the building. I had no idea what I was going to do. We were in a recession, it would take weeks if not months for me to find another job that paid well. I made my way down to an old coffee shop round the corner and once inside, rang Sarah.
‘Mmm?’ I was guessing she was practically still sleeping when she had answered.
‘It’s me. Something bad has happened and I… I don’t know what to do.’ I sobbed into my blackberry.
Oh god, Jul. You ok? What’s wrong? What? No Chris, go back to sleep I’m on the phone.’ I guessed she was talking to her guest from the previous night.
‘He fired me.. My boss fired me. Oh God. What am I going to do? How am going to afford the rent now?’
‘Jul, relax.’ Her angelic voice soothed. ‘Me and Kate will help you out with the rent if needs be. Don’t worry about that. Be thankful! You hated that job! He was such a dick to you! Ugh, want me to go and speak to him? I’ll happily rip his balls off if you would like?’ I smiled a little, she was so caring underneath, not many people saw that side to her. They just saw her rock hot body and argumentative attitude. ‘No, not today anyway, he needs his balls for his job! I just want to come home, open a bottle of wine and stuff myself with chocolate!’
‘Then get your butt home then! I’ll get rid of Chris and join you with the drinking! Might even be able to convince Kate to as well! See you soon, hun!’ I hung up and stood up to leave, still feeling a little down but oh well. Life goes on, right? I reached the door when it flew open, almost knocking me over. ‘Argh!’ I grabbed onto a chair to stop my fall.
‘Oh my! Are you okay? I’m so sorry, I didn’t see you! Here, let me help you.’ I looked up as his strong grip on my arm steadied me. ‘Thanks, it was me , I never look where I’m going.’ I gave a small smile and looked up to his face. I noticed his eyes first. Ocean blue. Familiar…

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