Two different worlds

I broke up with my boyfriend and he dumped me in a ghetto street horrible right? I was walking until i met this guy and thought maybe i might give him a chance and trust him.


3. What have i done?

Aubrey's eyes widen, staring at the gun. She raised her hands up in surrender. "Please don't shoot."

"C'mom I don't have all day."

"Okay!" she managed to spit out, tears streaming down her face. "I'll join just don't kill me."

Zayn smirked, setting the gun down away from her face. Aubrey stepped back until she hit the door, breaking down. She slid down the door, crying into her hands. "What did i get myself into?" she started to think.

"And just so you know, you are waking up early tomorrow. We need to show you how not to get us killed so you better not sleep in." Louis said as he joined the conversation.

"YOU CAN'T DO THIS" Aubrey removed her hands away from her face, getting up "My dad will come for me AND HE WILL ARREST EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU."

Harry noticed Aubrey about to lunge at Louis, grabbing the gun and aiming it at her. "GOD DAMMIT. You better keep your fucking mouth shut." He warned.

"You know what? Go to your room and don't come out until we call you." Liam commanded, pointing upstairs.

Aubrey looked coldly at the boys, making her way up the stairs, slamming the door shut.

Later that day....

Niall counted the money along with the boys, a blunt in his mouth. "Did you tsake her back home like i asked?"

"Yup" Harry said straight away.

"Oh, we have a new gang member. Its a newbie and we need to train it." Liam continued on with the conversation

"Where is he?"

Aubrey walked downstairs and into the kitchen. She avoided making eye contact, opening the fridge.

Niall noticed her, his expression turned shocked. "Aubrey? what are you still doing here? I thought you guys took her back home?!"

"WE CAN'T LET HER GO BACK. She knows were in a gang and she might tell on us with that big mouth of hers!" Zayn explained to Niall, putting his blunt down.

"Criminals." She coughed.

"WE'RE NOT CRIMINALS!" Louis yelled out at Aubrey.

"Hmmm. Really? So you guys just happen to sell drugs and sell human beings for money? Not to mention you also gamble and do driveby. Its wrong. Its all wrong."

Niall shook his head and turned to Zayn. "You have to let her go. These missions are too dangerous for her. Zayn she's not even from the hood."

"She can learn, and she will. She has to learn that life isn't all about money and getting what you want. It has risks and dangerous ones, too. This will be a good lesson for her. And im the boss of this gang so what i say goes."

"Your also a dick" Aubrey says in disgust.

Zayn glared at Aubrey and quickly felt is blood start to boil. He stepped over to Aubrey's face. Niall took cover for Aubrey, covering her mouth as he picked her up, and dragged her away.

"He pointed a gun at me, he forced me to join!" Aubrey mumbled as she started kicking her legs while trying to get out of his grip.

"Soon, you'll be able to do what we do." Liam added.


"You people make it look like that. I know you think it looks bad but we are not bad people." Louis explained while trying to hold Zayn back.

Aubrey shook her head, rolling her eyes.

"After your training tomorrow, you'll be getting matching tattoos like all of us." Harry lifted up his top showing her the inked tattoo which had the gang name inked all over his ribcage.

She gulped, watching the rest showing off there tattoos. Aubrey sighed heavily, closing her eyes. "Just promise you guys will protect me if I'm EVER in danger."

"That's what gangs are all about, protecting one another." Niall added.

Aubrey nodded as she stood there, nervous about the day that was waiting for her tomorrow.



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