Two different worlds

I broke up with my boyfriend and he dumped me in a ghetto street horrible right? I was walking until i met this guy and thought maybe i might give him a chance and trust him.


2. Nialls House

At Niall's Place.....

Aubrey stepped out of the car, admiring the mansion. She turned her head to the Lamborghini and Bently. "You live here?" she asked in a shock reaction. "Holy shit!!"

"Yeah, what'd you think? You thought i lived in some crappy place?" he asked pressing the alarm on the Ferrari.

"Well i mean it is a Ghetto ass neighborhood. And you know what i think i might just shut up." Aubrey glued her lips together, stepping on the porch.

Niall quickly walked over to the door and opened it letting her inside. The rest of the gang were sitting back on the couch. They were doing hookah, forming "O's" with the smoke, inhaling it to there lungs. As soon as Aubrey walked inside, the smoke went into her lungs making her cough severely, Aubrey fanned the air, blowing the smoke out of her face. "Oh gosh, what is that?!" Aubrey coughs quickly caught Zayn's attention. He got up from the couch, sneeking behind her, and put 1 hand over her mouth. "Who the fuck are you?" Niall on the other hand was far behind and he was also fanning the air removing the smoke which he saw clearly. His eyes widened as he saw the boys ganging up on Aubrey. "Oh shit."

"We should sell her, she's pretty hot." Harry said looking at Aubrey with a smirk on his face.

"Or maybe we could kill her." Liam added.

"I say we should have fun with her." Louis said with a smirk across his face licking his lips.

"No one is doing anything with her." Niall pointed out, pushing the boys to give Aubrey some space. "I found her in the park last night so I'm letting her stay here. She's not from this area."

"Oh, well make sure she knows what happens after she leaves." the boys all said together.

"I know." Niall turned to Aubrey "Um, follow me. I'll show you were you'll be sleeping tonight." He smiled and walked up the stairs with Aubrey. Aubrey followed Niall upstairs, looking at her surroundings. Niall walked into a room and looked through his draws and pulled out a over-sized top. "This is all i have...I don't know if you'll be comfortable sleeping with just that."

"Its fine." Aubrey said while taking the shirt. She saw Niall about to leave, pausing him. "Thanks um..I don't know your name."

"Oh i thought you knew anyway its Niall. And you're welcome. I'll take you home tomorrow. Good night. Sweet dreams." He closed the door and walked downstairs.

Next morning......

Aubrey walked downstairs, wearing the over-sized shirt that covered her just above her knees. "Morning..."

"Morning sleeping beauty. We're eating breakfast. Come eat." Harry pushed a plate over to the empty seat.

Aubrey sat down at the table, staring down at her plate. "What is this?" she gave the dish a disgusted look, looking up at the gang.

"Be grateful we're feeding you, pretty thing.Quit being picky. Now you can either eat or don't eat at all." Louis sassed, eating his food as he stared at Aubrey, giving her a dirty look.

Aubrey took the fork in her hand and slowly picked through the food, tasting it a bit. "Um, where's Niall? He's supposed to take me back to Beverly Hills today." she broke the silence.

"He's out selling marijuana." Liam replied back.

"Marijuana?" she asked, choking a little on her food.

"Yes the illegal thing one." Zayn pointed the obvious, rolling his eyes.

"What do you need money for? Have you seen the house you live in the expensive cars you have-"


Aubrey's eyes grew wide, finally realizing the point. "Holy shit, you guys are in a gang. Oh my god, I need to get out of here." She got up from the table and made a break for it.

Harry and Louis got up as fast as they could, blocking her exit to get out.

"Let me leave" Aubrey demanded, stepping back.

Zayn held a gun in his hands. He forcefully spinned Aubrey to face him, cocking the gun and aiming at her face. "Since you already know our dirty little secret you have two choices: join the gang or i might have to kill you.



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