Two different worlds

I broke up with my boyfriend and he dumped me in a ghetto street horrible right? I was walking until i met this guy and thought maybe i might give him a chance and trust him.


7. I choose you

Back at the house...

Aubrey stormed inside the house, following behind Niall. "What the fuck did i do?! I dressed like a hoe i followed you guys round like a lost puppy! Its not my fault you left me there!"

"Nothing, just get out of my face!" Niall yelled, causing Aubrey to flinch again. He rolled his eyes and went upstairs slamming the door shut to his bedroom.

Aubrey turned around to face the rest of the gang. They shoved past her, leaving her standing there alone. After a while, Zayn made his way downstairs. He saw Aubrey asleep on the couch and went over, shaking her. "Get up."

Aubrey fluttered her eyes open, sitting up. "What happened? Are you here to yell at me? Cause if you are I've already heard it-"

"Look, I understand you're upset that you got yelled at, but I'm going to be the nice one her and take you out for ice cream. Would you like that?"

Aubrey slightly nodded, smiling at Zayn. She followed him outside and hopped in the car with him. Zayn started the Bentley and drove off. The whole ride was quiet as him and Aubrey didn't say one word. When they got there, Aubrey stepped outside the car and went inside to the parlor. She ordered her favorite ice cream, turning to Zayn. "Your not going to get anything?"

Zayn shook his head and payed for Aubrey's ice cream, handing the cup over to her. "You wanna sit down?"

"Sure.." Aubrey followed Zayn to a table and sat down, eating her ice cream awkwardly.

Zayn watched her eat her ice cream. "You know, I'm kinda upset you didn't follow our rules but then again, I am glad you're okay, you're like family.

"I just didn't know what to do. God, I feel so stupid."

"You are pretty stupid." Zayn laughed.

"Shut up." She smiled, looking down at her left over ice cream. "Do you want the rest, i dont want it anymore." Aubrey offered, handing the cup to Zayn.

Zayn shrugged, grabbing the cup of left over ice cream and eating the left overs. Once he had finished the leftover ice cream he got up. "Ready to go?" He asked, going outside to the parking lot.

Aubrey followed Zayn, getting inside of the car. "Zayn quick question. Why are you being so nice to me when you hated me in the beginning?"

Zayn looked over at Aubrey. "Look, i did hate you. But that was because you were a spoilt little brat that didn't know what life would be like on the streets. Now i get were your coming from."

Aubrey nodded. "Oh.."

"Did i hurt your feelings?"

"No..I mean my life isn't perfect. I mean, my ex boyfriend dumped me at the park and that's how Niall found me and brought me here. And my parents they haven't even tried looking for me...because they don't care." Aubrey sighed.

"I'm sorry." Zayn said, feeling sorry for her. He looked into her eyes before leaning in and kissing her softly.

Aubrey kissed back, cupping Zayn's face. They deepened the kiss as Aubrey felt someone staring. She opened her eyes, quickly going wide. "ZAYN, WATCH OUT!"

Before Zayn could talk, he got shoved down by Aubrey, hearing the window shatter as the bullet went past. His eyes grew wide, seeing Aubrey get up. "What are you doing-?

She quickly grabbed the gun under the seat and shot the gang member who first shot back, seeing him fall to the ground. Aubrey's eyes got wide, realizing she killed someone.

Zayn shocked as well, turning to Aubrey. "You saved our lives."

"I know..we should go home." Aubrey said, shaking but calming down as she looked down to see Zayn holding her hand while driving.




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