Two different worlds

I broke up with my boyfriend and he dumped me in a ghetto street horrible right? I was walking until i met this guy and thought maybe i might give him a chance and trust him.


1. Ghetto neighborhood

At the Johnson's residence

I was texting my boyfriend Jaxson saying he wanted to go on a date with me at the steakhouse.

Text messages:

Jaxson: Hey babe i was wondering how bout we do something tonight. Like Mastro's steakhouse maybe? ;)

Aubrey: Yeah sure sounds fun :) .

Jaxson: Perfect I'll come ova round 7:30ish. Is that ok?

Aubrey: Awesome see u then baby love you <3 xoxo

Jaxson: ;) <3 xx


2 hours later

Aubrey had just finished adding eyeliner and mascara on. She added some strawberry lip gloss. She walked out of the bathroom adjusting her pink strapless polka dot cocktail dress. "Hey Jaxson can you zip this up for me?" She asked, walking over.

"Sure babe" Jaxson zipped up Aubrey's dress, moving his finger in a circular motion as he watched Aubrey spin around for him, licking his lips. "You look sexy." He winked seductively, walking downstairs.

Aubrey's mother walked over to the couple smiling in admiration of both of them. "Alright you two have fun. But not to much fun im not ready to be a grandmother yet. I'll be at work but your father will be home round 11 so i want you home at 12:30" Aubrey's mother grabbed her hospital ID badge and walked out the door, driving to work.

"Alright lets go" Jaxson walked out the door and stepped into his Porsche, not bothering to be a gentlemen and open the passenger door for Aubrey. He looked up into the rear view mirror, a smirk appearing on his face as he drove off to a place where Aubrey had never expected.

"Jaxson...Where are we?" as Aubrey looked out the window confused. "I thought we were going to Mastro's steakhouse."

"Your so full of it." Jaxson rolled his eyes. "Wake up and face reality! Does poor little Aubrey fear the ghetto side of town?"

"I don't fear it, its just not my environment."

He grabbed Aubrey's chin forcefully, making her face the park where all the gangs stood. "Look at all the gangs; the world just doesn't revolve around you, baby girl"

"Jaxson, take me back-"

Jaxson crashed his lips with Aubrey's, shoving his tongue in her mouth as he moved his hands over her body, making his way into her inner thighs, shifting all his weight on her.

"Jaxson...STOP!" Aubrey shoved him off . shocked and disgusted at the same time. "What the fuck is wrong with you?!"

"Cmom babe, I'm turned on" He said, making his way to her neck.

"Quit" she warned him, pushed him off again. "Lets just..go home before we get mugged of something."

"Yeah have fun getting home, get out"

"Are you serious? Its cold out and who's gonna take me back to Beverly Hills-" Aubrey got pushed out of the car, landing on the floor as she winced in pain. "Jaxson please...don't leave me here."

"I said to get out bitch. And word of advice: you shouldn't have dressed like a complete slut tonight, you worthless piece of shit." Jaxson smirked and hit the gas pedal, speeding out of the ghetto neighborhood.

Aubrey got up and grabbed her purse, trying to avoid any gangs. She walked away from the park, limping with a broken heel. Aubrey digged through her purse, not finding it. "Fuck, he drove off with my phone!"

The stranger (Niall Horan) drove around, spotting Aubrey. He slowed down as he approached closed to her, rolling the window down. "Hey, you girl."

Aubrey froze and raised her hands up in defense, mascara mixing with the tears that streamed down her face. "Take my money, here! Just please, don't rape me or kill me." She begged, her voice trembling.

He shook his head. "I'm not gonna do that. Just..Look, you don't look like your from here, are you? And any reason why your wandering at midnight alone?"

"My boyfriend dumped me here."

"That sucks." He noticed Aubrey shivering, her teeth chattering. "Look, i don't usually do this but you don't look like some gangbanger. You look more like a lost puppy, jump in, I'll give you a ride."

"No thanks, I'd rather walk. And plus, how do I know i can trust you?"

"I just told you I didn't want your money and i made myself clear that i wasn't going to rape you nor kill you. Now get in unless you wanna freeze to death, dollface." He smiled, opening the door for her.

Aubrey second thought herself for a second and stepped inside the car, looking down. "Umm..I'm headed to Beverly Hills."

"90210, huh?" He began driving, switching glances from the road to her. "No problem but just wondering..How the hell did you end up in Beverly Hills to here?"

Aubrey played with her finger nervously, remembering what happened between her and Jaxson. ", please." she mumbled.

Niall nodded understandably, focusing back on the road. He noticed a gang that appeared to be there rivals. "Shit" He ducked down before they could see him, turning the car back around. "Bad news, dollface. Looks like you're staying at my place till morning come around."

"But, I don't even know you. My parents might be worried." She paused for a second. "Scratch that, they don't care."

"Don't worry. We wont bite."



Ok so this is my first EVER movellas i hope you guys like it :) . Sorry if it took a while to get to the point with a one direction person :/ . Ummm enjoy :)






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