Two different worlds

I broke up with my boyfriend and he dumped me in a ghetto street horrible right? I was walking until i met this guy and thought maybe i might give him a chance and trust him.


6. Drag racing

"Breakfast is ready." Aubrey yelled from downstairs, setting the boy's plates on the table. "Hurry up unless you want your food to get cold."

The boys quickly ran downstairs, greeting Aubrey with a kiss to the head. "Good morning." They took a seat at the table and ate there breakfast.

"How's your tattoo." Harry asked.


Zayn heard his phone vibrate. He got up from the table and went to the living room, reasuming with his phone call. "We need to roll." He advised the gang.

The gang quickly finished up there meals and set the dishes on the sink, going upstairs to change. Aubrey, clueless of what was going on, sat at the table by herself, wondering what the boy's mission was. Aubrey walked upstairs and went into Niall's room where he changed shirts. She walked up to him and hugged his bare self, sighing heavily. "Whats wrong?" He asked putting a shirt over his head.

"Why can't i go?"

"It's to dangerous, babe."

"But I'm part of the gang too. See?" Aubrey lifted her top up revealing her tattoo.

"You hate illegal stuff remember? Drag racing and driveby are illegal." Niall pointed out, about to walk out.

Aubrey grabbed his arm, giving him a puppy dog face. "Please, Niall?"

"Ugh, fine." Niall finally spat. "But you need to dress with some skin showing to distract the other gang, unless you want to be killed."

"Alright..." Aubrey grabbed some clothes quickly and ran to the bathroom to get changed.

Back downstairs, Louis was pacing back and forths. "Jesus, were is this girl." He asked, unpatiently.

Aubrey made her way downstairs, wearing a crop top that showed her bellybutton piercing, some tight shorts that exposed her legs and a pair of white flip flops. "I'm ready." She said, applying a lotion that contained glitter all over the visible parts of her body. "Lets do this."

"I thought Niall said to show SOME skin, you're like half naked Aubrey." Zayn pointed out, grabbing her shoulder a bit roughly. "You're are asking to get raped looking like that Aubrey." He shoved Aubrey out and into the car with the rest of the gang.

At the drag racing match...

Liam stepped into the vehicle, getting cheered by his gang. He made sure everything was good to go, turning around to give his opponent a dirty glare.

"Go up there and raise the flags when you think they're ready to start racing." Louis pushed Aubrey out and into the open were both the cars where.

Aubrey stood in between both cars, hearing fox whistles from the rival gang. She suddenly got tense, raising up the flags and hearing both cars screech, drifting away.

The boys cheered Liam on, running down the street to catch up to the winning car. Jessica tagged along, looking up to see the other gang give her seductive looks. She scoffed, rolling her eyes. " My boy Liam, is going to kick your boy's ass. So fuck off you dumb shitheads."

"Ay, c'mom mamasita. You don't fit in that gang, come with us. We'll take care of you." One of the rivals gang member grabbed Aubrey's hip, pulling her close.

"Get off you disgusting pig!" Aubrey shouted, spitting on the lantino's face. Her eyes quickly grew wide as the member reacted, seeing him pull out a knife.

Harry heard Aubrey's scream and turned around with the boys, only to see the gang member holding the knife to Aubrey's throat. "LEAVE HER ALONE!"

Zayn quickly pulled out his gun and without warning, opened fire with the rival gang, hitting the latino. Louis did the same as well, firing back and dodging  the bullets that aimed for him. "Grab the girl and go." He told Niall, loading his gun up.

Niall quickly grabbed Aubrey and carried her away, hijacking a car on the empty streets. "Get in." He shoved Aubrey inside, stepping on the pedal.

"He almost tried to kill me-"

"God, YOU RUINED EVERYTHING! You do not talk to the other gang members. When we leave, you leave with us and you don't do anything unless we tell you to do it. If we weren't so nice, we should've let you get your neck sliced so maybe next time you'll learn!"

Aubrey flinched, not used to Niall's screaming. Her eyes filled with tears. Her day of finally feeling like the boys didn't go as she hoped.





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