Pretty Little Liars Plot Twist

Read to find out exactly who Red Coat/A is.


1. Plot Twist

You're watching Pretty Little Liars Season Four Finale. There is two minutes left in the episode, Spencer has a gun, and you need to know who Red Coat is, but she's no where in sight. Aria, Hannah, Spencer, and Emily are talking to Mona and Jenna, who just recovered from almost drowning.

The six girls all look terrified, like Red Coat will kill them if they don't catch her. Cece Drake is looking very suspicious, and the girls go to her apartment. But, you hear them scream. They have just found Cece's corpse. Red Coat murdered her for knowing too much.

After the initial shock of finding Cece dead, the girls search her apartment. Mona gasps when she finds a note that Red Coat left  behind. She announces, "I know who the new A is!" She runs to Spencer and whispers something into her ear.

Spencer nods, and pulls her gun. She aims it at you and fires. Then you die. You were A all along, watching their every move, omnipresent, wondering what will happen next so you can ruin their lives, because their misery is what entertains many of the show's fans.


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