A day

Hey guys wanted to try somethig new so i've written a few poems. Please tell me what you think about them. :)


7. We Are Equal

  We are equal.

We are one.

It dosen'e matter where were from.

So what if his white and your black.

So what if she's scarved and she's not.


Most like this and some like that.

Some hate this and some hate that.

Who cares where we come.

Who cares what we do.


We are equal me and you.

You and her are the same.

We are all unique, in the most unusal of ways.

But we are equal and the same.


No one is better.

No one is higher.

We as one should all be accepted.

Do not judge a book by its cover.

But look deeper through the pages.

And you will see that we are,


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