A day

Hey guys wanted to try somethig new so i've written a few poems. Please tell me what you think about them. :)


3. Love Of My Life

  Knock, knock on the window at night.

  Who could it be on this very cold night.

  I look to see you standing there, a smile pressed up against your face.

  I smile with joy, my heart racing now.

  It's you, it's really you, but how could this be.

  The love of my life, still with a smile.

  Oh his smile, his soft, swet smile.

  I wrap my arms around him, begging him not to leave.

  He only laughs and says "I will never leave you again."

  Tears are streaming down my face, as i hold him close.

  The love of my life until my last dying breath, he shall be.


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