A day

Hey guys wanted to try somethig new so i've written a few poems. Please tell me what you think about them. :)


5. Laying In My Bed Tonight

I lay in my bed tonight.

Listening to you both fight.

Listening to your hushed voices.

Still loud, through the quiet house.

I hear you fighting, though i wished i couldn't.


I tried to sleep, but now i can't.

Your voices so loud.

 That they make me weep.

How can i fix all that went wrong.

What must i do, to make it all gone.

Please stop with the voices.

I can't seem concentrate, with all these noises.


Laying in my bed tonight.

Thinking if it'll all be alright.

Laying in my be tonight.

Praying that there isn't going to be,

 another like this night.


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